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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vintage goodies!

Terry and I had a busy day! I was thrilled to receive a call for an interview at a hospital for Medical Assisting! They are seeking someone with more experience but I am hopeful! It is part time which would work out well since little one may have a bit of adjusting to do. But Daddy will be a great Mr. Mom!

After a quick dash and change into some comfey clothes we headed to Crown Point! We had lunch at Twelve Islands and headed into our favorite antique shops on the Square. Old Green Shutters

The owners have wonderful taste and I am tickled at the new goodies everytime I go in there!

I love SHINY things!

I also have a fascination with clocks! Not sure why but this display was neato!

Ok I love cubbies! I could just imagine this sitting in our apartment!

This Children's metal horse was in great condition!

LOVED THIS! Anything under glass always looks cool! Too bad this was on Hold I really liked it!

I have a metal lampshade like this one and had plans to put old pictures on it. But what a great idea to display some old keys!

Looks like someone went lampshade crazy!

These wonderful pieces were right as you walked into the shop! I wish I had a house! Oh and a job so I could buy all this neat stuff! I did actually get something... I'll post tomorrow!

The clock is HUGE! And awesome! It would look wonderful again, hanging on my wall in our dining area! All in all we had a good time here. Hope to go back again soon!

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