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Monday, January 31, 2011

Our chunky monkey is on the move!

Who would have thought that at 39 I would be going through the pregnancy stage again? Oh gosh I had wanted more kids for the longest time! I just had to find the right guy! Long story visit my other blog for that Jerry Springer saga.

Here's me about 8 months along...

Our chunky monkey came into the world on       Sept 10, 2011. He shares this day with his big sister, Alex! He was 8 lbs and 2 oz

Proud Daddy with Kalven!

Alex (11), sitting down with a goofy grin, Jess (12) is standing.

Our little guy at home a few days later!

My how time has flown by! He is now a little over 4 months old and is turning over quite well. He pushes himself around abit with his feet. He has discovered his toes and loves checking out his hands. It seems like a lifetime ago when the girls and my older son were at this stage. It goes by so quick! He should be up and around in the next few months. Oh boy I am so not ready for that!

I was going to start working out again (P90x first time using this). But I am feeling so cruddy! I even thought of picking up my glue gun but I just can't motivate myself to do much more today. SIGH! I need all the energy for chasing little one around in a few months! Plus we have been invited to a wedding in June. I hear a new dress calling!

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