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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hobby Lobby and me!

Ok, I have been having an affair from afar with Hobby Lobby! GIGGLE! Terry and I went there for a little gift for someone. IN and OUT!? NAH! As we began walking through the first aisle, Terry clearly saw that this was not just a quick grab and go trip. I couldn't help myself! There was glass that sparkled, shined, crackled, antiqued, and bejeweled! I OOOHHHH'd and AAAHHH'd! My eyes were as big as saucers!

I'm a person that has to touch EVERYTHING! I'm terrible, I love touching things with textures, rough, super soft, you name it. And of course anything with a button is not sacred! I push buttons and pull things that make sounds. I love the tinkly sounds of windchimes, bells, and what have you. That loud annoying sound? Yup! That's me! I know I am worse then the kids. I ended up with a cart full of goodies from the clearance aisle. Secret Pal's started again so I had gotten some cute little things for my pal! A few things for projects I have been thinking about starting.  I am super excited to get working!

Prior to Hobby Lobby we went to a Resale shop called Elaine's off Broadway on the fringe of Lake Ridge/Gary. They expanded the store and they have great treasures! I found a few vintage forks that I have some plans to craft with. Sheets of music for decoupage, children's books that I will both use for decoupage, making purses out of and framing. I also found a few things to post on eBay or Etsy. 

I did find 2 things I was looking for a bit, a Waffle Iron ($5) looks brand new with a box! and Pasta maker ($7) in a box looks awesome. I can't wait to use them! WAHOO!

Now I'm off to dream of my favorite store... Hobby Lobby...

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