Whose that crazy Chicken Lady?


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Fred's not dead! There's a fox in the hen house!

Oh my goodness! I thought the weeks before were busy with farm drama. I'm hoping it is coming to a close.

On the 21st, Fred was attacked by a fox in the hen house. There was quite a bit of blood and feathers in the coop with Fred stooped over. He appeared lifeless when I found him the next morning. We weren't sure he would make it through the night. He didn't eat or drink for 3 days. He couldn't lift his head or stand.

On the 4th day he began to eat, drink and kind of stand up. On day 7 he began to crow as well as make some moves on the hens. We are pretty sure he is going to make a full recovery!

Last week we brought home 14 adorable balls of fluff from Carlberg Farms/AR Farms. We also picked up 2 packages of  Bees. Sadly, 1 package died! I'm really upset about that. My plan is to call the place where we purchased them to advise and ask if anyone else had experienced anything similar.

The garden starts are happy. Mr. Awesome created a raised bed and plans on building a few more for me. A great help they will be since my knee is getting better a bit everyday.

This is enough excitement for me! How is it in your neck of the woods?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The mystery of the missing duck... SOLVED!

Frankie the Duck- she thought she was a chicken
A few weeks back we lost my favorite duck. Well, we didn't lose her. She vanished!

Now this isn't uncommon when you have outdoor critters. There are various reasons for missing animals such as, predators or they wandered off to pass away if they were sick or maybe someone swiped them. It's sad but these happen.

Mr. Awesome and Peanut looked all over the yard and even investigated a pile of white something that turned out to be a plastic bag up close.

A few days later, Mr. Awesome and me had a trip to pick up a table and chairs from a nearby town late in the evening. We arrived home to find the flock put away. This was unusual. Why? Peanut puts them away and it's usually a lot later though we have reminded her to please put them away sooner especially after Frankie went missing.

She stuck her head out the door to help light my way down the path. I'm still healing from the "Great knee incident". I applauded her for getting them in without me having to bark at her. She said, "Come in I've got a story to tell you!"

I hobbled in faster.

She said the dog started barking madly so she let the dog out only to watch a Fox happily trotting down the yard with a duck in it's mouth!

The dog went tearing after the fox, which decided to let go of the duck and run away.

After getting the petrified duck back in the Abbey, she closed up the rest of the crew and went back in the house with the dog. Not even 5 minutes later the dog started barking again! Apparently, this fox was super hungry. She let the dog out a second time. This time the dog chased the fox about a few acres down the road.The next day she appeared to be just fine.

Now we know what happened to Frankie. 😢

Raccoon at base of tree.
I didn't want to show gore so I pulled back a bit
Next 3 days ago, Mr. Awesome noticed movement on top of the barn. He believed it was a Raccoon. These guys mean business when it comes to snagging out animals as well. We were monitoring the situation when I saw something big and fuzzy hanging out of the tree in our front yard.

Guess what, it was the raccoon! If you are squeamish please stop here. We are mini-homesteaders and our farm animals are not pets. They provide food for us so we do not take kindly to predators.

Mr. Awesome put the raccoon down. There was no nest and we believe it is the same one we saw prior to this a week ago in a yard about a mile down. There is an abandoned silo there and I was pretty sure that was it's home. Now just to clarify, we do live trap animals if needed. Also, there are protected animals, check your local area for information.

Enter in a new flock soon or hens or chicks we want to be sure everyone is safe and sound as best possible. This means we protect our flock by whatever means necessary. We are out in the country so we do have coyotes, hawks, raccoons, foxes, cats and even other dogs to keep away from our critters.

Prior to having farm animals, I thought it was cruel to take a life of a majestic and cute animal. That stopped the day our flock of 20 was decimated by a family of foxes 7 years ago. Don't get me wrong I still believe they are beautiful but from afar.

As for the fox? We are unsure what happened to it. Now either the dog was enough to scare it off or after the situation Peanut witnessed I was in the yard the next day when I heard a few gun shots. Again, we are out in the country so that isn't unusual but it was only a few and silence. We have a neighbor about 5 miles down the road that also has chickens between our house and their home the fox may have been having a buffet.

I'm crossing my fingers that this will be all for now...

God bless! I hope your day is awesome!

Coming up tomorrow, "Homeschool game day" and I finally started my seeds for the garden! Did you know I have 2 books out soon? I am setting up book signings in the area and I'm excited but this is another post.😊


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Where oh where can Spring be?

I'm almost certain Spring is going to skip us this year. The weather has been so crazy! Upper 50's and sunny than the next it's in the 20's with snow?!

There are seed packets still in dire need of unpacking. These last few months have totally thrown me off my game. Call me a bad gardener. I can't be the only one that just is not feeling it.
On a good note, China Doll sprouted some tomato seeds so I do have 8 starts! WAHOO!

We should be hearing from the Bee supply company soon about our package of bees. I am so excited! Hopefully I can find a mentor to help me along. I have read so many books and watched YouTube videos but there is something wonderful about having a 'Go-to person'.

The first flea market of the year is coming up in a few weeks and I am just not as prepared as I had hoped. Thank goodness I do have some time to get my butt going. I will be having bargain boxes, where everything in the boxes will be $1.00 each.

This also gives me a chance to have an Author event for signing my book, Call me Master. I have Hope when there was none for tips, suggestions, or inspiring quotes.
received much support and love from sharing. I have been able to spread awareness and help women learn simple tools to begin healing from abuse. Visit my page at

This is us in a nutshell!

I hope you are having an excellent day!

God bless!


Monday, April 2, 2018

Someone I think you should know- Taylor Schwabe

In 2015 I received the most joyous news... I had Lyme Dis-ease. Why was there joy? That diagnosis opened the doorway for years of unanswered questions I had about my health. I shared my woes and such on social media such as I do with my abuse survival story. 

I was excited to have LymeLight Stories reach out to me to do an interview about my story! After my story ran I connected with the courageous leader, Taylor Schwabe. Seeing her as a Hero for spreading awareness as well as her own personal battle led me to find out what 'Her' story is. 

She is kindly opening up to share an intimate peek into her life with overcoming Lyme. I hope you glean wisdom and know you are not alone in 'your' journey.

Hi Taylor! So, tell me about when you noticed something was not quite right with your health.

"The most severe symptoms began in 2014 while I was in college (although looking back now, I was bitten by several ticks at a young age and had minor symptoms throughout the years). After finishing class one day, I started experiencing a sharp, stabbing sensation in my chest. It was very painful, like a knife, whenever I took an inhale - and no matter how I positioned myself, it didn’t subside. At urgent care, they could not find anything wrong based on a chest x-ray and EKG. 

More symptoms continued to pile on in the following weeks: I started to get neuropathy in different parts of my body (like tingling & pins-and-needles). My hearing started to decrease and the GI issues, fatigue, and joint pain worsened...the sharp chest pain persisted with every inhale - Along with this, I developed the sensation of being unable to catch a full breath (called “air hunger”). Every day since then, I have been struggling with these symptoms and working hard to heal. "

At what point did you decide, "Ok, I'm really sick and just not getting any better by the advice of my
doctor and need to try something different."

Taylor recalls, "After things took a turn for the worse, I saw many different health providers (MDs, naturopaths, alternative health practitioners) over the course of a year... No one was able to give me a concrete diagnosis nor did I experience any relief from their therapies. Like many in the chronic illness community, I was told that my symptoms were due to being "over-stressed" and that they were "in my head."  

After nearly a year with no explanation and no end in sight for these terrible symptoms, I was feeling pretty hopeless. This was when two friends (separately) suggested that I look into chronic Lyme Disease. After researching the symptoms of chronic Lyme and discovering that false negatives are common with conventional testing, I decided to see a Lyme specialist, which was when I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme, Babesiosis, and Bartonella."

Taylor, I know there are so many remedies and wacky treatments out in the world. What is the weirdest you tried and did it work?

She says, "Some of the treatments I’ve tried are pretty "out there". Over the past few years I’ve experimented with a wide variety of therapies - everything from antibiotics to shamans, from placing giant magnets over my organs to being zapped with lasers and electromagnetic machines, from western modalities to eastern modalities, and everything in between... One of the weirder treatments I received was when a practitioner rebalanced my Yin & Yang energies by waving an antenna (with green/red lasers) over several of my chakra points...I can't say I noticed a benefit from that one!"

When asked if she could change "1" thing in the medical community in regard to the challenges of being a patient she answered, "I left many appointments feeling vulnerable, alone, and unheard. There have been many times where I felt that my visits were rushed - I didn't have time to ask questions because there was pressure for the provider to hurry into the next room for a different patient. I wish that all providers genuinely wanted to do medicine in order to help people heal - and that healing would be more of a lifestyle for those who choose health professions, instead of merely a way to make a living. I feel fortunate to have found a few providers who truly live to heal others as best they can - when you’re with them, you feel hopeful and you know you are heard...wish there were more like this!"

Taylor is super excited that she is beginning to see with a Lyme-savvy neurologist and this has made her hopeful about future treatments... She happily adds that she is also moving soon - back to a place that she loves!

I asked if there was a ritual, object or tool can she not live without or that she must use everyday even it isn't health related. 

She responded, "Meditation (at one of my outdoor "hideout" spots) has been an important ritual for recovery. Also, going for a drive with some of my favorite albums turned up really loud has been a good release. 😄"

How has the dynamic at home and or work changed since you have had your health challenges?

"I’ve had to decline several professional opportunities due to my health... which has been frustrating, especially considering my age (23). This is a time when I want to be focusing my energy on building a career and having fun, not trying to recover from disease. During the past few years, there have been periods that I was able to work full-time, periods when I could only handle part-time work, and periods when I could not work at all because the symptoms became too debilitating.

I am lucky that my immediate family has been supportive, as well as many close friends. Even with an amazing support system, it can still be very isolating - No one else knows exactly how much pain you might be experiencing at any given time, and you don't always want to explain how it feels to others, especially because it might make them feel bad. We can't expect family and friends to understand what it feels like to live with these symptoms day in and day out but, it makes a huge difference to surround yourself with people who appreciate the seriousness of this condition and who want to walk through this challenge with you." 

Taylor, could you tell me how the idea for LymeLight Stories come about? 

She replied, "LymeLight Stories" has been a fun, small side-project that came about because I was starting to connect with so many other Lyme patients. I was amazed by the similarities of our stories, particularly with the challenging and long diagnostic process. I thought that having a platform where I could share other Lyme patients' experiences would build awareness of the fact that late-stage Lyme can mimic many other conditions and that receiving a diagnosis can be extremely difficult."

When asked about a favorite quote or motto she has, she says her favorite quote is: "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”  ~ Viktor Frankl

I asked her what hobbies she enjoys, she says, "Anything outdoors...especially hiking & skiing when I can. Music, too - piano, guitar, mostly."

Taylor, looking back on your health journey what advice would you give to someone just beginning to look for answers on their path?

"Recovering from chronic illness is complex, multi-layered, and very unique to each person. What works for one person may not work for the next. Antibiotics may help some people with chronic Lyme, and they may not be the right path for others. People are quick to give you their opinion on the best treatment to do. There is not a lot of gentleness when people talk about “miracle cures” and what worked to get them to “remission.” It’s great to talk with other patients and learn about all of the different treatments, but bear in mind that the same thing that worked for “Bobby Sue” may not work the same for you!

Just as people love to tell you what to do, people are also quick to tell you what NOT to do. There will be advocates and naysayers for any direction you choose. I’ve had people tell me that antibiotics are a bad idea and others tell me that alternative therapies wouldn’t work - ultimately, it may be a lot of trial-and-error until you find what works best for you. One cool thing about all of this is that you will likely build a communication with your body. You'll be able to better tune into what causes you to feel different, for better or worse, whether it’s a medication, supplement, or food. This awareness can be a useful guide to help navigate treatment. 

It would be great if there were one silver bullet for everyone - but everyone has a different set of puzzle pieces to work with. Besides the tick/vector-borne infections, you may also have to address other factors - like heavy metal/environmental toxicity, mold toxins, parasites, yeast, viruses, other pathogens, immune/hormonal imbalances, among other things...

I wish I had taken detox methods more seriously at the beginning of my journey - I didn't appreciate how important it is to get the toxins out to best support your body as it fights off all of the infections. There is a lot of good information online about different ways to detox for chronic illness. Also, talking to others with chronic illness and chronic Lyme (whether that's in a support group, online, at your doctor's office, or any other way) can be very rewarding - sometimes the best therapy is connecting with people who really "get it." 

As difficult as it is to be fighting for your health and getting through the days with debilitating symptoms, illness brings a lot of lessons and ways to grow. Lessons of awareness, of finding balance and self-compassion, of disengaging from the ego, and of letting go. Healing is an opportunity to get to know yourself better, too.

Something that helps me get through the hardest days is reminding myself that there is meaning in the suffering - Pain can be turned into purpose, as we can use this experience to relate to and help others going through their own challenges." 

For more information or to just give a little virtual hug to Taylor reach her at-schwabe24@gmail.com. LymeLight Stories for inspirational stories. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Someone I think you should know- Kim Cormier

I enjoy being able to share true stories of those that inspire me. These are folks that have overcome challenges, they maybe meeting some obstacle head-on, or 
starting a business from the ground up. 

Over the next few weeks and months I will be sharing stories of these Warriors. These are people from different backgrounds and of various ages. I hope you glean wisdom and courage from this lovely group. 

Please share with others to help others that may be experiencing similar challenges. God bless and thanks for reading. 

I befriended Kim several years ago on social media. We shared similar past experiences and that bound us together. I have seen her posts from happy to very dramatic regarding her health. She recently came forward publicly to bring awareness to others about her situation.  

Here is her story...

April 2016- Kim and her youngest Daughter
I asked when Kim when she noticed something was not quite right with her health, she replied, "It started with depression after my last baby, age 32. Diagnosed as Postpartum depression and put on antidepressants. Than, 4 years later, I started experiencing fatigue. It was eventually diagnosed as Hashimoto's Thyroid disease, although it took a radiation scan to detect. blood work did not show it. 

2 years later, I am more fatigued than ever! I also had unexplained pain in my lower back. I was prescribed medications for relaxing muscles, pain meds, chiropractors, massage, physical Therapy. Nothing got me well. I was just coping with symptoms. I was then diagnosed with fibromyalgia. 

It finally had a name, but that didn't change that there was nothing more that the Dr.'s could do. They were only able to just treat symptoms. The 'WHY' always existed. Within 5 years, I was bedridden. I could barely do the necessities of life. I ended up finding a Dr. from Scotland that discovered that Emotional Therapy could help. It did. I was able to get this to go dormant, but still didn't know what 'IT' was. I went on to be a Therapist for him. I worked my way up to Senior Mickel Therapist and was the Supervisor over other Therapist's throughout the USA and Canada. I wrote and published a book, did Public Speaking engagements and book signings. 

January 2017
Before crap really hit the fan.
Kim pictured on the left.
Who knew what was coming? Because the 'WHY' remained. In June 2012, I broke out with Shingles. It was stressful period, as my Mother had been placed in Hospice. Shortly after, I started experiencing burning, pain, numbness, tingling in my feet, hands, lower legs and lower arms. I was diagnosed with unexplained Neuropathy and put on pain meds.I  was also getting chronic sinus infections and Urinary tract infections. 

I was stunned, when in 2013,  I was getting completely different, but chronic illness again. This was much more life threatening. It started while remodeling our home. I began to experience difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, rashes, itching, sensitivities to things I'd been around my whole life. Multiple anaphylaxis. I am then diagnosed with asthma. I was put on inhalers, prednisone, given rescue inhalers, daily maintenance inhalers, epipens, allergy shots.

February 2017-
Kim's illness is really starting to show.
She notes that she has a Puffy face,
just unwell looking. No more hiding it!
The nightmare was just beginning. I was bedridden once again, every symptom from before, plus all these new ones. My life was not my own after this.  Fast forward to Mother's Day, 2017. I have had anaphylaxis 15 times. I'm continually reacting to everything; pollen, pet dander, perfume, cleansers, foods. 

I haven't had visitors, can't be around anyone or anything. I'm bed bound, weak, can't breathe, put on Home Health/Hospice, Oxygen. 

I have sores in my mouth, ears, nose. 

I am dying. 

I am unofficially diagnosed with Mast Cell Disease/Mastocytosis. We start preparing for my funeral." 

I asked Kim, at what point did she decide, "Ok, I'm really sick and just not getting any better by the advice of my doctor and need to try something different." She responded, "At this point, there was nowhere to go. 

I was recommended the book, 'Medical Medium' by Anthony William. My hubby gets a copy, I read it and am 'STUNNED, SHOCKED AND ELATED;, all at the same time. The last 18 years explained in great detail. It all made sense. I was in Stage 4 Epstein Barr Virus, Shingles and underlying, chronic Streptococcus. 

Why did I get better years before? Because I was in stage 3 of the Epstein Barr Virus, it was able to go dormant one last time. I was now in the final stage, 4. Add on Systemic Shingles, that is not really visible to the naked eye, and Strep. A deadly combination, that sadly is behind most chronic illness to date. 
July 2nd, 2017.
Just placed on oxygen

The Dr's just don't know yet. They will eventually. I started on the recommended foods, supplements,  and teas. I got worse before I got better. It was a Living nightmare. Two months in, I left my bedroom, took off oxygen, got in the car and drove... this was indescribable."

Kim has had many dramatic health challenges she explains how they impacted her life, "Oh, Boy! Originally, when diagnosed with depression, I was able to continue working as a Nurse. I also owned my own company where I did Permanent Make-up, and co-owned a Medical billing company.Eventually, I was too sick to work and when on disability in 2002. Then, when I recovered the first time a few years later, I became a Mickel Therapist in 2008, wrote my book, treated clients, did speaking engagements and book signings. I did this until my now known shingles and reactivated Epstein Barr virus were to horrible to continue. I had to again return to disability in 2015. 

I was pretty much homebound due to senstivitivities. I have begun a Tea company the last few months, while I continue to heal. It had given me something to do and help others in my position. I look forward to the day I am able to work full time. It's a great distraction right now. I am patiently waiting while I have full use of my legs and arms, as the Shingles virus caused severe nerve damage. I have balance issues and walking, lifting, etc... It's getting better."

July 23rd, 2017.
Now, still on oxygen but bedbound
I asked her, if her view on how current medical treatments and medication changed since her health challenges and if they had, how? Kim states, "Absolutely! I wish people would understand the Dr's don't know everything and be willing to go outside the box, and not rely on their limited knowledge on these Chronic Fatigue conditions." 

As a Nurse, I understand we have a belief system, that doesn't want to be challenged. Your life may well depend on being open. If you go to the Dr. for the same condition, over and over, It's time to do your own research, starting with DIET. Who knew all the chemical we are exposed to are 'FEEDING' these pandemic condition's. 

People must also understand that Dr's aren't trained to tell you that 'they don't know' what's wrong with you. They can't bill you for that! They are just 'practicing'... on 'YOU'. Most medications are a band-aid, they don't cure.To date, the Medical Medium's information is the only truth I've found. I was on a clean diet before, so it's the 'RIGHT' foods that are getting me well and avoiding chemical's."

Going in a little different direction, I asked Kim to describe herself in 3 words and she describes herself as Courageous, Kind, Balanced.

I went further by asking if there was a moment when she had to step back and laugh for a change otherwise she would cry about the challenges, she answered, "Yes.. I laugh now.. I was truly too ill before. Laughing, music, family are my favorite things."

At this present time her biggest struggle is, "My biggest struggle is being patient. I want to be completely well already. LOL! I am thrilled that I'm alive and getting well, but now that I have had a taste of life again, I'm ready to go! It could take a while to completely heal. It beats 6 feet under. HaHa!"
August 29th, 2017.
Just had Priest
 give me a blessing.
Said to call for
Last Rites when needed
Something she is super excited about right now is, "I am excited to re-engage with my children, grandchildren, extended family and Friend's. Like I stated previously, my sensitivities prohibited me from everyone. Baby steps, so I don't irritate them. For now, a lot of video chats, short, in-person visits', so my body isn't triggered by anything.. It's really hard to explain what this all took from me....... unimaginable really!!!! 

I inquired if there was a ritual, object or tool can she could not live without or that she must use everyday? Health related or not. Kim remarked, "MUSIC! It's my go to, every day... Of course, clean diet, MM (Medical Medium) recommended foods for EBV and Shingles. Daily detox from all known chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, plastic, cleaners, solvents, radiation, chlorine, fluoride, There are the teas I created with the suggested herbs and supplements. It is easy and cost effective. getting well is costly, otherwise. I alternate them daily. Plus, I add Heavy Metal Detox suggestions. It's become my 'NEW NORMAL'. 

Who knew all these things were feeding these problems? I sure never thought about it before."

Kim's "Go-to-make-you-happy-thing" to do when she needs strength is, "MUSIC.. always. My children and grandchildren, my new business; feeling useful again."

August 29th, 2017.
Dr's have me on Home
When health challenges happen the dynamic at home and or work can change dramatically. I went on to ask her if this happened in her home. Kim says, "Everything has changed. I have vague memories of a life once lived. It's like a dream. No words... 

Remember, this all started when my youngest was born. She is 23. All she remembers is me being sick, in crisis.Too sick to help her with homework when young.Then, the few years in between that I was better, but her just waiting, too scared to believe it's true. She's right, it wasn't. Then, Rushing me to the ER once again for anaphylaxis. "Mommy, don't die." I'd heard this for years. PTSD.

 My oldest Grandson, running down the street towards where he knew I would appear, the first  time I was able to visit, Not knowing what to do.. He had only seen me on video for a long time. I'm there in person, with a usual pink mask, weak, peaked looking, having lost 3/4 of my hair.. My 'birthday' this year.. 

Wow.. I do remember.. It's been quite scarring to us all. No words... I look forward to creating new memories, to one day over shadow this nightmare... I really don't have any more words... Work now consists of me developing my tea company."

2 1/2 months on Medical Mediums recommendations.
My Birthday present, seeing my children and
grandchildren for thefirst time since May, 2017.
 I still look unwell, but I was off oxygen,
able to breathe, off inhalers,and meds.
Still very week, on Home physical therapy.
One of the BEST day's of my life.
Asked if she could change 1 thing in the medical community in regard to the challenges of being a patient what would that be? Kim responded, "Not to treat people like they are crazy. for them to e willing to educate about diet/chemicals."

Her favorite quote motto is, "It is right now!"

I asked Kim, how has sharing made an impact on you and your tribe or professionally? She, says, "I suppose maybe it helps educate and inspire."

Looking back on her health journey, she reflects on the question of what advice she would give someone just beginning to look for answers on their own path, she goes on to say that, "You too can be well. Take control of your health. Read label's. Know poison's, food,cleansers, water, meds, perfume, candle's, shampoo, make-up, etc..."

Happy New Year's eve, 2017-
I'm out without a mask, celebrating with friends. 
First time in about a year
If you would like to contact Kim for more about her story she can be reached on Facebook or by email at: Cormier-burleyqueen@gmail.com. You can also find information her Tea website is: Cleanse Teas . Kim says she gets her makeup from Savvy minerals is the makeup. She uses Young living essential oils and Doterra oils. Her household cleaners are made with essential oils, mainly Tea Tree, vinegar and water.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Someone I think you should know-Guest Post update with Jennifer Lindahl

It's been well over a year since I first posted this brave story about Jennifer's journey in healing from the heartbreaking loss of her child. 

During the time I interviewed her she was expecting. Nerves were a bit heightened of course. The outcome was marvelous and inspires hope for those that may have shied away from trying after such a loss. It has been wonderful to see pictures of her child in her arms, both all aglow with love and tenderness. I am happy to bring a update of this beautiful Mom and her baby.

I asked how the past affected her situation, she replied, "The past experience with losing my son made me more cautious and at times worried if I didn't feel Nicholas move or I had several times when I would spot very badly and was worried about miscarriage or early labor. I made sure to get checked more since I was considered high risk and not caring of the cost of tests or exams of ultrasounds I wanted to make sure if anything showed up that it would be caught in time. I was a nervous wreck the day of my scheduled c-section. 

I found out with my high risk doctor that I should of never and will never be able to give birth natural because my hips aren't big enough with the line up of carrying a baby out and will get stuck again like Gavin did so I had to have a c-section which on top of it being a major surgery was worried whether or not I be encountering the same situation that I was in 3 years ago at that time of giving birth to Nicholas, feel him move then the next he gone. 

It also made me appreciate my pregnancy too and do everything I wanted to with Gavin that I didn't because of cost or such, like 3D to 4D ultrasound that I ended up doing with Nicholas to have that memory in case something happen. I also documented more of my pregnancy."

When asked what advice  she would give if someone finds themselves in a high risk situation or possible loss of a child her response was to; "Hang onto your support system because it could be days after, weeks after, or years and you might have a moment where you just need someone to listen or even just a shoulder to cry on.

Also, don't ever be afraid to speak your mind about your child or talk about them or say whatever you want of situation. Those who care will be supportive those who aren't, you do not need in your life and shouldn't stress it."

She adds, "It might seem like life has forever ended and will never get better and honestly it will never be the same as it was before but through time and letting yourself grieve in whatever order and letting yourself truly ache for your child it does get easier but always miss your child you find a way to move forward in your own pace and how you want and keep however you want your child memory alive. 

Every year I try to do something on my son Gavin's birthday or help someone or family through some time in the year in memory of Gavin. I also display things of his throughout the house and talk about him as much as I like and want with no shame. In the end he was my child just like him or her was your child and you have every right whether ours have passed to talk and share their story whether born an angel or here for few hours, days,months or years you have every right just like those who are still here."

If anyone would like more information about finding light at a dark time or how participating in Gavin's Ray of light how can they reach you?

I can be reached on Facebook as Jennifer Lindahl. Just send me a message or add me. My email jrl0110@hotmail.com.

*Did you miss the original post? Find it here-Someone I think you should know *

Monday, March 5, 2018

Call him Patchy the Pirate...

Sorry for the picture fuzz. Mini Man was kind enough to grab a picture of Mr. Duck looking all torn and bloody from a skirmish between himself and Fred the Rooster. Fred lost a Spur in the fiasco.

Here's the story. The small door on the coop for the hens is wood, it swelled and wouldn't open. Peanut has been doing a great job taking care of the crew since I have been healing from "The great bounce house injury" but the big door that she opened instead closed leaving the Fred and crew to head over the Abbey (Duck Truck).

Peanut wanders out after dark, saw that they were all huddled in the Abbey and closed them up for the night. The next morning Mr. Awesome saw the carnage. Mr. Duck had blood all along side his head, pictured here and it appears his eye is badly injured. I hobbled out today and saw that it looks like he was just pecked quite a bit and he will not lose his eye. Both Fred and Mr. Duck are not being housed together anymore. Peanut feels terrible about the situation. I do have to have some help rounding him up to treat it so it doesn't get infected. I'm hoping we don't have to throw him in the pot for dinner, but if it comes to that...

Sadly, we have lost 5 Hens due to the extreme cold weather and I found out I lost my beehive. I do have another package coming and hope to order a second as well. We will be able to glean left over honey and beeswax.

We are all pretty heartbroken over all of these losses. But, it is a fact of life here on a farm. You lose animals or they get sick or in the case between Fred and Mr. Duck it's pretty gruesome. Why I love to share pictures of the fuzzy cuteness I am showing the some of the dirty and grim times.

We also had some heavy rains a few weeks back. The light in the kitchen leaked! We have a roof leak and it came in so hard and for such a long time the leak traveled down from the attic and down. My strategic placement of pans and totes came in handy but it came with such fierceness Mr. Awesome had to empty them out several times. We have a 5 gallon container handy and that was filled and emptied 5 times over the course of 2 days. That is A LOT for us.

There is a blessing that we didn't have the damage that many of the surrounding towns did. We are on a bit of a hill so that helps immensely!

Mr. Awesome will be making some raised beds soon for me. I have order some seeds soon! I have more herbs and speciality plants for tackling my health issues. We can't wait for Spring. I'm sure your ready too! Last week I noticed the Redwing Blackbirds were back in the area, the next day Seagulls, those creepy Turkey Buzzards, and my favorite Robins!

In homeschooling news I scored a 6 activity Smithsonian Science set that was New in the box from Goodwill. It includes a Crystal growing kit, Weather Station, Earth model, Bug Eco house, Dinosaur dig (pictured) and a Volcano. WAHOO! Mini Man has been thrilled and my intention was to use the set over a 6 week period but he has been so gung ho to tackle the projects I didn't have the heart to say no. That smile says it all!

China Doll (in the red shirt) is having a birthday tomorrow, I can not believe this Lady is going to be 20 years old. Time is flying by so fast and I'm not sure where it went.

Having suffered from PTSD, Anxiety, Postpartum, chronic illness, cutting, and Depression she has blossomed and transformed in the past year. I am so proud of her and how far she has come. The road to healing is not over and she is beginning her own healing path.

In other news, I checked out a place for rent for a potential Antique shop. Now, I'm not saying we are opening one. It was a random idea from Mr. Awesome. There are so many projects needed in and around the house, my little shop on the farm may take awhile longer. While I like the idea I am not sure about shelling out a huge amount of money for rent. I plan on setting up at the upcoming Jasper County Flea Market in April! I'll also be toting copies of my book with me for purchase. Which brings me to my next thought I just dropped onto my better half's lap...

A book tour! I never really had a book launch. I stumbled on a inspiring page by author Kyna Bryn . She shares her raw story of survival. On her page I noticed she does a bunch of Book Tours. Please check out here story.

I have no idea why I didn't think of it before. She has been very kind and patient enough to answer questions for me about this. I will start calling, planning and scheduling for the Summer months to a circuit. My knee should be a bunch better by then and Peanut will be off school so this will work out well. I was asked to speak at a group in the Fall about Domestic Violence. God is good! If you have any suggestions or ideas for a place to do a book signing at please let me know. 

I try not to share too much about my past here. Abuse is not a pretty subject. Honestly, I would rather share pretty flowers, herbs, fuzzy chicks and feathered animals but the Lord has other plans for me. I'm not sure what He has in store for me but His plans are better than mine.

Last week I shared on social media that I was able to take 100% of the royalties from my book sales and I donated them to a local group that supports Survivors/Victims of abuse find them here- Heart to Heart Outreach! HAPPY DANCE! Thank you for purchasing my book! I greatly appreciate it.

I have also been able to share my book in PDF form to Survivors as well at no charge. My goal in writing my book was not to slam my ex or profit from my past. I wanted to share my story so others would know they are not alone. I am not sharing this to boost or for a big head. I am sharing how God's hand has worked in my life.

That is it in a nutshell! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are! Thanks for listening from our home to yours...

Mel & Mr. Awesome

P.S.- If you are seeking information or immediate help for surviving abuse contact The Hotline or your local police department. 

I am always happy to talk to you! Whether you need to vent, cry or just bounce ideas off of. Email me at blessmeplz@gmail.com or visit- Hope when there was none or my FB page Hope where there was none FB .You can also purchase my book, "Call me Master" by Melinda Kunst, on Amazon, Kindle, and Nook!