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Monday, January 2, 2017

We're moving!

***Old post! We have since moved to our forever home!*

It's been so long since I have been on here. My poor blog!

It's just due to plain laziness! A bunch has happened since I last wrote. The long and short of it:

We had to get rid of Blue as she killed all but one of our chickens. We have been through at least another few dozen or so since then. Unrelated lose from a Fox, Hawk, Raccoon and Owl. We also added and subtracted Guinea Fowl, Bee's, Rabbits and my Ducks.

We had disheartening news about our small farm we are renting a few years back. The news was a bump up in our rent and the probability we would not be here longer than 5 years without some kind of interesting change. This meant a big change to our dreams of a mini farm/CSA/B & B and other plans.

This took the wind out of our sails and we switched gears. I went back to work for Republic Services as a Customer Service Representative. I loved my co-workers! They made every day tolerable as the daily workload and customers could be brutal! You never knew what the day would hold! I would dread going in. My PTSD went crazy. I had ticks, twitches and panic attacks. My stomach was on fire!

It is not too surprising many of my fellow workers are on anti-depressants or alcohol to help a unwind at the end of a intense day. It's pitiful! I never realized how hard that job would be. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

It's time Spring! Come on!

My seeds have finally sprouted, they are doing wonderful! They promise our family, food, an occassional "Oh or Ah!", a bit of income and a plan to store their goodness as the weather turns cold again.

Re-capping last year:
I loved canning! I enjoyed learning how to do it, enjoyed the bounty of a job I did with my 2 hands! OK a down side was that my back did hurt from standing so long at the stove or prepping them to use. I love gardening but my sciatic was killer!

All in all that was a small price to pay for happy faces, popping open a can when I had forgotten to "buy" a jar of spaghetti sauce or salsa.

I'm going to do it more!

Bees coming soon! We added ducks and a few more chickens. Terry is now Mr. Mom and I started to work outside the home. He is really digging the whole experience.

More to come! Have a happy day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 Goals

Read my Bible- At least 1 chapter a day- 1 book of the Bible a week
Pray more often- Get a prayer journal or notebook
Spend more time with my Love
More 1 on 1 time with my Lil' Squeezes
Play! Family game night
Read my daughter's stories
Exercise (3 to 5 times a week) Trouble right now since my back is out
Drop 10 lbs- I have been doing it backwards, I gained 10 lbs :(
Practice Self Defense
Practice shooting (my gun~ I do have a permit and need this for in case my ex comes too close)
Learn Archery
Learn to fish (I hate worms so this will be a big thing for me!)
Learn to gut something we catch
Rent a antique spot for all of my cool stuff!
Buy some storage units
Plan our garden
Order seeds
Order Bee's/Take Bee class first! (See a Dr about an Epi pen in case :) )- I did order them and they are arriving on 4/20! Also joined local Beekeeping group!
Order Buck-eye chicks
Order Lamb (s) *See my friends Mom about raising and other things
Take lots more family pictures!
Craft more! Finish my PH D (Projects Half Done)/Sew clothing! Finish crocheting my blanket!(A lady from church has been teaching me the stitches!- I am doing really good on my blanket, it's about 2 ft long now.
Take a First Aid course- DONE!
Create a new vision board-DONE but still working on it here and there
Plan my Mom's herb garden
Tape my family history (Grandma)
ACTUALLY read books off my growing bookshelves and sell after I read or just sell others- Read 4 books- 2 were library books. READ- The 7: Seven wonders that will change your life- Glenn Beck,
Killing Kennedy/Killing Lincoln- O'Reilly, and Little House on the Prairie.
Write my story!- Still working on this one. I have had a hard time writing it due to the emotions it brings out. I have had a reporter do a story on me recently and a dear friend did allow me to write a short bio about me too!
Make Cheese/Yogurt
Pay off- Kids school book fee's/ Pay something on my student loan (Medical Assistant that I still didn't find a job doing~ GRRFACE!)
Do something off my Big Bucket list!
Learn electrical and woodworking!
Camp out side with the wee monkey (in the yard)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sustaining your family

An amazing news on the status of many friends right now is a foreboding or feeling of impending incident that is on the horizon. Some could be the after effects of disappointment on politics not going as planned but what if it's more?

In many of the blogs, messages and even on Pinterest I have seen a surge in prepping or become self sufficient. This is a topic that I have been interested in for sometime, which in some respects has kept me quiet about the subject due to opinions of others that I could be a religious nut (which to some level I am), in a cult, radical or militant (No gun hoarding here!).

So where do I fall? I believe in preparing for the uncertainty of the times we are living in. Whether it be from crazy storms or economy collapse or a future war (Oversea or on our soil). I see no reason that one shouldn't know simple ways to get along if the power goes out for the weekend or longer.

I have wrote on Preparedness in older posts, check out my Labels!

Where do you start?

The easy stuff-
Extra batteries
Spare clothes
Easy to prepare food
Battery operated Radio/Hand crank NOAA Radio
Hand crank for cell phone
Child needs
Womanly needs
Gas/Kerosene/Lamp Oil
First aid kit
Can opener

The longer the outage or problem on top of the above items you may want to add other things.

Check out your local library/thrift/antique shop for books on:
Living off the grid
Small scale/backyard farming
Pinterest- OH MY GOSH SUPER ADDICTING. Watch for the time warp. I swear I lose hours drooling over the ideas that I will never do. BIG CHEESY GRIN!

Call local Extension Center, State Park, Boy/Girl scout (kids) for information outdoor skills, canning or survival. Don't break the bank these things! Start small! Buy a few extra canned goods or dry goods a week if you can swing it. Start canning all year around when produce/meat is on sale. Look to yard sales, rummage sale/thrift/antique stores to find things you needs. is great to find things and to also get rid of the clutter in your home.

I can't see paying hundreds or thousands of dollars on some of these homesteading/survival seminars. Educate yourself. There are a ton of blogs on these subjects! Network in your area with like-minded folks. Be safe and keep aware of local and world wide events once in a while.

Now as long as it's not zombies we are all good! Joke around here. My biggest fear, besides my ex, is zombies...

God bless!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back in the saddle again!

Boy oh boy! I have felt so BLAH for so long it's pitiful! Now I run between this blog, my hopewhentherewasnone blog, littlecriesandlullabiesdoula and redrumhotel blog. And I have been neglecting everything lately. No excuse really. Just have not felt like doing much of anything.

But I have made Rose water (which I forgot to put in the fridge and it molded DUH!), Oil of: Oregano, Rose, Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon. Also, Coop refresher (Lavender/Peppermint), and 6 Quart jars of Apple Cider Vinegar. I also canned several things over the summer!

I did propagate my African Violet and made 3 little plants a few months ago! YIPPEE!

Call it a pity party for me, but sheesh already, I'm tired of feeling tired!

So! Today I-

1) Surfed the web- a horrible habit and my addiction to Pinterest is way too crazy!
2) SSSHHHH!- I wrapped a few gifts I have been collecting here and there.
3) Went outdoors to muck out the chicken coop... and checked on the new meat and 2 hens also the eggs I have incubating (my last batch was sad and out of 9 only 2 hatched but died SAD FACE!) Cleaned they're cage too!
4) Checked on the new additions to our bunny hutch! Jess's bunny birthed 2 little one's yesterday.
5) Started domestic stuff- Laundry, dishes
6) Started dinner- Chicken chili and Cream of Potato soup (Panera copy cat)

7) Broke open my Sewing machine and repurposed 3 T-shirts into bags, repurposed a kitchen towel into an apron for Mini Man and made a bread bag. Now I'm itching to do more! I see an Owl of some sort in my future!

I feel more accomplished today. A few projects out of the way.
Planning on a few more smaller ones perhaps tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Beating your children...

First thing first, October is Domestic Abuse Awareness month! No one is immune to the effects of this devastating time.

Abuse does not discriminate. It can strike Men, Women, Old, Young, Black, White, Catholic, Baptist, Wealthy... you get the picture.

Whatever the excuse is that the victims use to rationalize or minimize the abuse, no one deserves it! There is nothing "You did" to "Make" the person do it to you! Despite, the constant reminders you may get from your abuser. It's not you! Triggers to cause your abuser to flip his/her lid can be substance related, money, mental/emotional or maybe there is no reason.

Of course these are excuses used to harm you! So, he/she only does this to you, right?

What about your child(ren) or pet? Do you believe they are immune? Guess what! In many cases your abuser doesn't care. They may abuse your child privately or just be bold enough to do it in front of you. Perhaps making you participate! Headlines splashed across the world tells of horrific and tragic abuse of all sorts happening to children and animals by the hundreds.

In many cases both parents (Boy/Girl friend or Step parent) are charged with heinous crimes against the smallest victims that can't defend themselves. I've read many stories that point the finger at the other person that was abusive and they "Made them" act against the child or pet. Or there is some fear that they would be harmed so they let it happen.

I sit in awe, tears and a deep sadness that anyone would want to harm these little ones. That persons given a gift of life can take it savagely slowly over years or in a blink of an eye. For what?! The child won't stop crying? The bed is wet? The child is interrupting they're game or fun?

Countless couple's are wishing for a child of their own. And yet, we have dumpster babies and abused children that would flourish in a loving household.

There was a time when my Dad worked in a E. R. and he would tell me of stories about children brought in with cigarette burns, 2nd or 3rd degree burns on various parts of the body due to his/her parent and or molested. He was deeply effected by these children. And he didn't understand how someone could do something so heinous to a child.

I was abused as a young child by my Stepfather, Mark. He would beat on my Mom but as soon as she fought back he stopped. But he needed to redirect his anger somewhere else. So, while Mom was at work he turned to me... I didn't understand how in a split second we could be having a fun time and the next he was beating the crap out of me for no reason or for spilling milk.

Fast forward, I'm in an abusive situation with my ex-husband. I knew something was wrong each time I came in the house after I had been gone for awhile. The kids and my ex looked staged, stiff and tense. He had no qualms about going after the kids while I was home, which many times I would jump in or fight him to stop doing so.

The children would say there was no problems.
Dad was fine.
He was cool.

I knew in my heart it wasn't right. I know I can't take back that time. I know I am responsible in some part for staying. For believing my ex when he said I wouldn't be able to live without him. That I was worthless. That I would end up as a whore because no one would want me.  And no one would take care of me the way he did. (How warped is that?!) I'm slowly finding out how mean he was to the kids while I was out of the house or even in another room! I feel horrible about this!

I could tell you I slipped back into another bad abusive relationship. I could tell you I took up partying, drinking and a string of boyfriends. But I didn't. I was lucky! There are many women that get caught up in never changing they're circumstances. They are forever on a Merry-go-round of useless or abusive men that end up beating their kids.

I've already told my husband, Terry, that if he lays a hand on the kids we are over. Trust me, my 14 year old is a lot like her Dad, Rob and she can really push Terry's buttons!

Learning my new husband is not my ex is another experience. I have learn not to compare the two of them. They aren't anything alike! We are not without issues but there is no fear of him coming home. He doesn't stalk me. He doesn't call me dozens of time in the day. He doesn't accuse me of fooling around. He doesn't time me when I'm on errands. The list goes on and on...

If you know someone in an abusive situation or that might be, please support them, listen to them and get them help if they are ready. Let your child know about Teen stalking and abuse. Educate! Break the Silence! And listen to your gut about a situation or person.

Stay safe!


Friday, March 30, 2012


We were recently blessed to have a new member of the household. Her name is Frufee, once a preggers Momma, she is now the proud Momma to 3 adorable bunnies! She had 4 but the little one didn't' make it. SAD FACE!

I'm so proud of Jessica! She is taking such good care of them. Oh, I still have to ride her a bit to clean the cage, but she doesn't bat an eye. YEA! They are a week old now and they have fuzz all over. Momma is a Lionhead Angora. Beautiful! Thanks to Angel for the pleasure of having the experience of raising Rabbits!

Now for your viewing pleasure!

I was going to do Beekeeping but now I'm not so sure. I missed the first Beekeeping group meeting that was last Saturday. We had issues with the supervised visit and ended up in the ER for Jess having a panic attack. Long story check out for that one!

The apple trees are blooming! The Magnolia looked lovely and there is many other wonderful plants and flowers coming up. SWOON! Lots of work to do in the yard. I love it!d

Almost forgot here is Momma bunny!