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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Guest post: Someone I think you should know- Kristal Slager

Mr. Awesome had encouraged me to reach out to those that I have been inspired by.  There are so many people that are in my own tribe that have successful businesses, as well as those that champion for a variety of Causes or those that changed their lives dramatically because of some sort of serious issue.

I soak up positive stories like some people soak up the sun. I am encouraged, uplifted and amazed at the challenges or obstacles these people have overcome. 

I will bring you people that I pray impact you as much as they have impacted me over the next year and maybe longer! 

I worked with Kristal, well; I worked in the same building we were on different teams. The times we interacted were filled with banter and fun ribbing on one another. I still have a fondness for a super adorable Cupcake bag she has.

I didn’t see her for a bit and kind of keep to myself with the rumor mills that run around workplaces. I happen to overhear a conversation between a few co-workers and was sadden to hear that she was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer and she wasn’t well enough to keep working.

A dear Friend had started a Facebook page called Praying for Kristal. The page is filled with support, prayers, and love.

I kept tabs on the group as well as on her personal page, I was inspired how she didn't seem like some person just waiting to wither away! I became deeply encouraged by her faith, courage and strength on her journey.

She shared some intimate moments but always gave glory to the Lord. I found out recently her journey started with her mammogram in 2010. There was a lump found on her right breast. She quickly had that taken care of and remained free of cancer for many years.

Fast forward to a few years, she developed back pain so severe that she could only find some degree of comfort by sleeping in her car or chair. She had seen a doctor whom informed her she pulled a muscle and later that she had Degenerative Arthritis. He provided her with comfort measures and sent her on her way. Time is passing and her back wasn’t getting any better. The Doctor kept giving her the run around, cortisone shots and offering physical therapy.

She was to the point where she couldn’t walk. Work and just getting around was becoming too extreme. After 2 years she was no better than when she first saw her doctor. She needed to take matters in her own hands so she consulted another physician.This doctor ordered numerous tests that her other primary caregiver hadn’t done!

She received her results the afternoon of her testing. The results sank in immediately.  She has incurable, inoperable Stage 4 Metastasized Cancer. There are 23 tumors in her spine, 3 in her groin, 6 in her Liver and scattered throughout her body.This is why she was in so much pain with her back!

She was/is being treated with radiation for 2 series. She will be on Chemo for the rest of her life and starting on a new series of radiation on her legs as it has spread.

After her diagnosis she gave her Cancer to the God and considers herself 100% healed! She recalls looking out the windshield, telling the Lord she couldn’t do this! She told the Lord to take it! It’s much bigger then what she could handle and she was not willing to have Cancer in her body. Finding a hair color was big enough but this?! This was too much!

With this she never took it back. She says when we have a problem we give it to God, if we keep praying about it then we didn’t really “give” it to Him. We told Him about it but keep praying on it rather than casting all your cares upon Him.

When Kristal faces doubt or challenges come up she prays for wisdom, strength, a positive attitude and how to talk to others about Jesus. She wants to give glory to God!

Even though some folks would grow negative, bitter, depressed and upset, she continues to share how much God loves her in the waiting room at the doctors or while waiting for her Chemo treatment. She wants to share when God has done for her! During this time some of her relationships have grown closer, yet some grew further apart as her faith grew and she began to witness for the Lord.

She turns everything over to God, sometimes she forgets and frets over silly stuff and then it clicks to give it all to the Lord. She quotes scripture for solace and give thanks to the Lord: 

I lift up my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help…

Blessed is the man that walked not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor sitter in the seat of the scornful but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in this law doth he meditate day and night…

She has many favorite verses but Nahum 1:7 is her favorite: The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him

I had asked her what words or encouragement did she think should not be said at this time. She says that she has explored her options for and says please don’t offer but appreciates it.Within the first week of diagnosis several well meaning folks suggested that she try:

Dandelion Root
Acid diet
Greens only
Or that she travel to Mayo Clinic.

Kristal says it seems when they make suggestions it makes things a bit awkward and has to tell folks “Thanks but no thanks”.

Throughout all of this she thanks God for giving her a wake up call to live!  Her adventures have included visiting friends and family and being invited to speak at a Women’s group. She is also invited to lunch much more before her diagnosis, it’s been wonderful to reconnect and to connect with loved ones!

To learn more about the Lord and this God loving Woman she can be reached on Facebook Kristal Biggs Slager and Facebook page: Praying for Kristal 

I hope her story has inspired you as much as she has inspires me!


  1. Very Inspiring for sure. I will be prayimg in agreement with her as to no more Cancer. God is still in the miracle business.