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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Secret Pal there is! Tomorrow is Secret Pal luncheon and last gift exchange at church! I wasn't in the best of ways this week so it was digging out my glue gun was a nice diversion. I had a bunch of ideas in mind but settled on 2 for now...

I started with some Decoupage medium, a brush, tissue paper and a empty jar. Then as I layered my paper I found some lovely treasures. Oh not a bunch I really could have went overboard! Wallpaper sample, ribbon, paper doily, a spoon and of course GLITTER! And not last but not least a button, call it my signature on any craft item I make. 

I then concocted a mixture of sugar, lemon juice/rind, and olive oil for a scrub! 

Here is a teacup that I glitzed up with spanish moss, a lace doily, a necklace, flowers and some random findings! Of course some glitter sprayed on to make it sparkle!
I have a few more goodies I'm putting in before it is all said and done!

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