Friday, March 30, 2012


We were recently blessed to have a new member of the household. Her name is Frufee, once a preggers Momma, she is now the proud Momma to 3 adorable bunnies! She had 4 but the little one didn't' make it. SAD FACE!

I'm so proud of Jessica! She is taking such good care of them. Oh, I still have to ride her a bit to clean the cage, but she doesn't bat an eye. YEA! They are a week old now and they have fuzz all over. Momma is a Lionhead Angora. Beautiful! Thanks to Angel for the pleasure of having the experience of raising Rabbits!

Now for your viewing pleasure!

I was going to do Beekeeping but now I'm not so sure. I missed the first Beekeeping group meeting that was last Saturday. We had issues with the supervised visit and ended up in the ER for Jess having a panic attack. Long story check out for that one!

The apple trees are blooming! The Magnolia looked lovely and there is many other wonderful plants and flowers coming up. SWOON! Lots of work to do in the yard. I love it!d

Almost forgot here is Momma bunny!

Antiquing in Downstate Indiana!

I headed back up North after a short visit from my Bestie. I wish the visit could have been longer but I'm sure I will see him soon. On the way down to Indy I saw a billboard for Countryside Antique Mall in Thorntown, IN.


A nice way to stretch out my legs and flex my bum (sorry to be graphic). This place was very cool! More antique things here then Beanie Babies or other random new collectibles. I was not disappointed! I felt bad that I didn't bring my good camera and I didn't take enough pictures.

So many lovely things! If you are ever traveling down 65 South/65 North and pass by Rte 52, stop by you won't be disappointed! There was a bunch of Carnival glass, antique/vintage books, lovely prim's... I was in Heaven.

Countryside Antique Mall
 4889 U.S. 52, Thorntown, IN
(765) 436-7200
Love this cabinet! It was a 3 piece item. LOVE!

This Guardian Angel picture was so adorable! 

I don't know why this box tickled me. Perhaps because of the thrills that it boasts. 
I've never had thrilling sweets myself. LOL!

To dang adorable child's cabinet! Looked like original glass and the applique 
on the bottom were still pretty decent. CUTE! 

I couldn't resist this little ensemble  below the cabinet above. The baby booties and the planter were so adorable! The baby bracelet in the lower corner was precious! 

This is a floral picture done with Ribbons! The picture does not do it justice. The colors were either faded from age or perhaps it was just the pale colors used but it spoke to me!

I'm not usually a Doll person but these 2 were lovely. I can imagine some little girl playing with them. Hosting a tea party or dancing with them. My girls were never into dolls so I sort of missed that phase.

This little display was a reminder for me that Easter is around the corner! 
Love the shabbiness and wear in these! 

Saw this on my way out! HAHAHA!

Most enjoyable time. I took about a half hour to cruise on in and out. Mainly because Mini Man was less then thrilled at how much time I was taking looking around. I also had the stroller which is HUGE, so I couldn't maneuver as freely as I wanted to. I still had a nice look...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I had a radical thought today on my way to Women's Bible study...

Well, actually, it was more of me rambling my mouth off my prayers to God. I couldn't help but turn my thoughts to Him and to what are His needs? Is he sad or upset at the state of His children? Being a parent myself, I often feel frustrated, upset and worried about what my children are doing. There is a great need to check on them when they are quiet... You know they are up to something!

God wants us to give Him praises and glory, why not prayers? I told God I would pray for him. I'm sure he is besides himself with wondering what to do about us down here. We have the Word of God at our fingertips in many cases and yet we blow it off. Some don't believe in God. In many countries people are now dying for the belief that God is out there. Here I am in the safe confines of my home, able to worship God, pray for him and others, and there are so many in this world that can not do this...

Don't wait for a catastrophe to hit your life, don't wait for rock bottom or during your last breathe to pray or to get to church. Pray for God. He has a tough job! Some Moms have Twins, Triplets or more. God has millions, upon millions of children that are lost or unbelieving. As a parent wouldn't that rip your heart out?