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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ms. Disorganized uses Cozi!

I enjoy Cozi calendar's(http://www.cozi.com/) I raved about them several months back on my FB Notes page. I love to pretend I am organized! I have been using Cozi for a few years, but not as faithfully as I should!

Cozi has came a LONG way since I began using it! There are App's now for your phones, blogging, it's now a lot easier. I receive alerts on my cell phone and email of appointments or things going on. All I have to do is remember to log in and schedule things! Here's is more things you can do with Cozi!

Ways to use Cozi

Are you getting the most out of Cozi? Have you discovered all the cool ways Cozi can help simplify your family life? Here are hundreds of things Cozi can do for you. You can save time, have fun, and get on with things.

Cozi helps parents simplify family life with a free online organizer that includes a shared family calendar, shopping list, grocery list, to do list, family blog and more.

Parenting and Kids: Get everyone on the same page

The whole family can use Cozi and access Cozi from wherever they are

  • What's your favorite color? Letting kids pick calendar colors is a fun way to get them involved in the family schedule.
  • Routine checkups are easy to forget. Record your kids' doctor and dentist appointments in the calendar (and don't forget to floss!).
  • Cozi messages are a great way for kids to keep in touch with you. Let them know they can check in via email or text anytime (right from the Cozi family home page) or even send a quick hi when they're home from school.
  • When it comes to lunch, kids can be picky. Have them create lists of their favorite items to make sure they never suffer through the yucky stuff again.
  • Are you going to the big game? What big game, you say? Keeping track of sports and other extracurricular activities is easy with an online calendar. You can event set appointment reminders that are sent by email or text.
  • Use a separate Cozi account to organize your weekly carpool schedule. Just set up your carpool group as a "family." Each commuter gets a tab, and the "All" tab tells you who is doing the driving. (We'll let you figure out who gets to take control of the radio.)
  • Get involved in your kids' homework by creating a checklist for them. They'll thank you... eventually.
  • Be safe—create a list just for emergency contact numbers.
  • Add a tab for your child care provider to stay on top of their vacation days.
  • Do you have joint custody of one or more children? Use Cozi to coordinate your households' schedules and take the guesswork out of being great parents.
  • Get kids excited about back-to-school by helping them create a shopping list of all the cool clothes and school supplies they'll need.
  • Kids say the darndest things! Jot down a moment in your family blog to remember those moments you don't want to forget.
  • Kids' parties have a way of sneaking up. Schedule appointments to buy gifts well ahead of time.
  • Work is a lot easier to keep track of when it's scheduled as an appointment in your Cozi family planner.
  • Kids always know how many days remain until a major holiday. Let them enter their days off from school on the family calendar.
  • Who's going to summer camp? Schedule the dates the kids will be making 'smores and telling ghost stories around the campfire.
  • Kids keep a running list of things they want for their birthdays in their heads. Create a list of who wants what, and don't forget the gift wrap.
  • Show your kids how to make a rockin' photo collage screensaver by pointing it to a folder with photos of their favorite bands and movie stars.
  • Chores getting you down? Make them more manageable by tracking them in Cozi lists.

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