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Friday, January 14, 2011

A few of my favorite things!

I have many collections! If I was not careful I would be a guest on Hoarders! I love craft things, antique and vintage items...

Here's a few of my favorite things:

BUTTONS! I love buttons, BUT not ordinary buttons... They have to speak to me. I know I'm a loon, but most items I like have to just grab me! I have found many of my prized gems at garage sales and a few at Antique shops!

A small smattering of things gifted or found. Great EYE CANDY! There is a bell one of the kids gave me, a rock that has a small crystal angel on top that says-Jesus loves you, given to me by a Dealer when I was working at the antique mall. Some great glass buttons that are blue and off white, a green jar filled with some jewelry findings, an angel on a geode, a Duckie from when Terry and I went exploring and came upon Duck races in Shelby, IN.
There is also a cube puzzle that has angels and the Nativity on it gifted to me by a customer from the antique mall. Oh! A tea cup that was from a set from a dear family friend named Irene, fun vintage flowers that I found dumpster diving (yes if you see legs sticking out of a dumpster and you are in the NW Indiana/IL area that's probably me! BIG CHEESEY GRIN!). And an kitchy angel captured under a vintage glass. She holds a mini choir book that says NOEL. Love these!

I am a sucker for vintage and antique sewing items! And of course there is more buttons! Terry fitted a vintage glass frog with a few wooden dowels to hold some nifty (Yes, I still say nifty!) wooden spools for display!

I will be adding neat things that grab me here and there for your giggles and entertainment! See ya soon!


  1. Thank you!!! I love your blog, but I keep getting kicked off, it's my darned program, I am not crazy about Vista! GGRRR FACE!