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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Change for me!

Now that the New Year is upon us there are a ton of ideas for Resolutions out there! I have found that personally I never keep them. I tend to be adamant and strong in the first few days, then my interest wanes, so my Resolution never materalizes into more then just my mouth giving lip service about them.

I decided that a Lifestyle change needs to come about instead of a quick Resolution. Something more tanigible and at the end of the year I can step back and be proud! Like for instance:

1) I will blog! I am kicking the myspace habit, I keep getting cooties from there anyway. I am going to blog on FB, and thinking of a few others. Oh not just any blogs but 3 different ones, which will focus on personal family life, Domestic Violence (with my own story) and my Doula biz!

2) Reading my Bible daily! And digging out my prayer journal!

3) Putting my Gratitude more into play daily!

4) Getting on the Exercise wagon again and eating better! (Of course I am breast feeding so I am hungry all the time GRRface!!!)

5) Playing more games with the kiddos! Like today after lunch I am thinking of Old Maid and Solitaire (I know Solitaire is single person right? WRONG! I learned from Terry's family how fun multiple player Solitaire is!)

6) Make more food from scratch and to eat those pesky left overs!

7) To finish my craft projects that have been looming and lurking in the closet.

WHOOOPPPSSS! Looks like a Resolution list doesn't it? Darn it? Well what's yours?

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