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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hiking at Turkey Run!

My goodness am I pooped! I hadn't been to Turkey Run since I was I believe 13 or 14 years old. I don't recall the ladders being so scary! Or having to scale the paths here or there. Of course I believed I was indestructible back then. Bugs didn't bother me all that much, heights, the unknown and leaping over small paths of water. Seeing the park thru the girls eyes was very cool!

We got there about 12ish and ate some lunch then set out for the most important part! The bathrooms! After a quick dash there we were on our way to adventure! Now I have been exercising and doing P90X so what challenge couldn't I handle? Right?

Factor in having a tiny human strapped to my back! LOL! I hadn't given too much thought about this. By about 10 mins into the hike, while climbing stairs and a hill to get to the top of a ridge I was dripping sweat!(Notice the sweat around my neck! I know gross! I sweat at the drop of a hat!

My gosh my face looks HUGE in this picture Is my head really that big?!

At this point in the hike, my calves were screaming and dare I mention if I kept up that kind of work out my bum would probably look awesome! (Remember this is ONLY 10 MINS INTO IT! LOL!) I start second guessing myself whether this was a good idea or not...

Did I mention my fear of heights! Luckily I had a few ladies and men give me a hand at the ladders going down.

Next time I will bring an extra adult pair of hands, it would have been nice to switch off with the baby. Missed having Terry with! Thinking a camp weekend will be in order since there were a few places on the hike we didn't get to.

I was surprised at how gutsy they were! Climbing, jumping, scaling walls, and taking chances!
When did I lose my thrill gene?

 On the way back we did stop in Attica, IN, which is a neat little town. I would have liked to have explored the town more if I didn't feel so exhausted.

We caught abit of the Potawami Fair, we didn't stay too long, I was hoping there would be more Indian type of things, seemed a little too commercialized for my taste. But it was still a nice place to visit!
All in all it was a fun day! I loved what team work the girls used with each other and others!

Now that we are home it's time to put up our hooves and relax...

Now where is the Captain Morgan and 7?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Emergency Preparedness- Medical kit

I didn't take a picture of this one. Sorry!

We took advantage of a few Buy 1 get 1 deals, hit Aldi, resale shops, garage sales and just had a small stash of things of our own to add to our kit. It goes beyond a few bandages and some asprin.

Think about the possiblity of keeping a bit of spare medication that you need monthly. Even if it is a weeks worth. Of course rotating your stock of med's is necessary. The arguement and studies of how long medication lasts is questionable. Do your own research and ask a doctor if need be.

We were crusing Wally world and Terry found this really neat looking tackle bag that is suited for our needs. Oh, alright! I'll take a picture later. LOL!

Maybe all this seems like overkill or just silly to someone. What can it hurt?
Again, we used Excel to make the our list in. We can add categories or take them away. Of course add or subtract things we don't use or do use. Do what works for you!

As the Boy Scout motto goes- "Be prepared!"

Item Quantity Size Expires
Safety pins 21
Rectal Thermometer 1
Curved sharp/blunt Scissors 1
Kelly Hemostat Forceps 1
X-Acto blades 3
X-Acto Knife 1
Nail Clippers 1
Small tooth comb 1
Tweezers 2
Dental picks 2
Perineal Ice pack 2
Ice pack 1
Stethoscope 1
Blood pressure cuff 1
Masks 19
Tongue Depressor 4 1/2
Cotton balls 40
Q-tips 55
10 cc syringes 4
Needles 7
Latex Med gloves 6
Alcohol Wipes 23
Dermoplast Antibact spray 1
Oragel 1                .25 oz 11-Aug
Lysol Spray 1                1.0 oz
Carmex 1                .35 oz
Surgical Lube Sterile 1                    2 oz 12-Jul
Calamine Lotion 1
Hydrogen Peroxide 1
Rhuli Anti-itch gel 1                     2 oz
Hemorid 1                     1 oz Dec-98
Aspercreme 1               1.25 oz Feb-97
Triple Antibiotic cream 1                 .33 oz 12-Mar
Triple Antibiotic cream 1                     1 oz 10-Mar
Neosprin 1                 0.5 oz 7-Jun
Antibacterial get 1                     1 oz
Murine Ear Drops 1                 0.5 oz 6-Nov
Refresh Tears 1                 0.5 oz 2-Nov
Daytime Bengay 1                     1 oz
Westcort Cream 1                 0.2 oz Oct-99
Ear Wax Remover 1
1 tsp Medicine syringe 1
Huge band-aids 6
Ex Large band-aids 6
Large band-aids 1
Finger band-aids Large 48
Medium band-aids 97
Small band-aids 2
Round band-aids 20
Gauze Sponge  11 4x4
Gauze Sponge  5 2x2
Sterile Pads  10 3x3
Sterile Pads  10 2x2
Non-stick pads  12 2x3
Non-stick pads  8 1 1/2x2
ABD pad 1 8x71/2
ABD pad 1 5x9
All purpose sponges 5
Gauze 2 2
Gauze 1 1
Ace Bandages 3
Tape rolls 3
First Aid Tape Waterproof 1
Baby Powder 1
Iodine 1 8 oz
Antacids 15
Vitamin C 500 mg 18
Valtrex 500 mg 14
Cystex Urinary pain tablets 6
Azo Cranberry (rrinary sup) 15
Azo Cranberry (urinary sup) 2
Ibuprofen 87
Advil 7
Nasal decongestant 20
Advil Cold & Sinus 7
Anti-Diarrheal 9
Acetominphen 47
Oxycodone 9
Antihistamine 10
Benadryl 64

Monday, September 12, 2011

Emergency Preparedness- Pantry

Our Pantry!  It's nothing like some stock piles I have seen on some TV shows. It's just good sized for our closet in the apartment. Terry fashioned a rack for the door, and awhile back he made a shelf for inside the closet. We emptied out the cabinets and what was on the inside cabinet. Took inventory of what we had and then put it back all nice and neat!
So when we are down a few cans I head back to store (usually Aldi) to grab what it is we are out of. Making sure to place the new stuff to rotate our stock.  We have enough food for at least 30 to 60 days depending on how well we ration the food. I'm hoping this is something we never have to find out!

I also have a "Go bag" and a medical kit for emergencies as well. I will post both in a day or so...
Google survival, go bags or check out some homemaking links for great tips. Now you do not have to feel like you can't do this, all it takes is gathering a few more cans or boxes of food on a shopping trip. It took us a couple of weeks to get what we have. Choose what you know you will eat!
Think dried meats, pasta, beans, canned tuna, spam and things that will last longer. Have fun! This is just a small sampling of some of the things we have. (We put the inventory into a Excel spreadsheet.)

Canned Roast Beef 2 8 oz 8 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Second shelf
Coffee 2 2 lb  4 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Second shelf
Corn 12 15.25 oz 12 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Third shelf
Cut Green Beans 6 14.5 oz 6 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Third shelf
French Style Green Beans 12 14.5 oz 12 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Third shelf
Sweet Peas 1 15 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Third shelf
Mixed Veggies 1 15 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Third shelf
Kidney Beans Light Red 1 15.5 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Third shelf
Yellow Cling Sliced Peaches 6 29 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Third shelf
Yellow Cling Sliced Peaches 1 15 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Third shelf
Pineapple Chunk 5 20 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Third shelf
Apple Sauce 2 15 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Third shelf
Fruit Cocktail 1 15 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Third shelf
Pear Halves 4 15.2 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Third shelf
Chicken Noodle Soup 12 10.5 oz 12 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Fourth shelf
Cream of Mushroom 12 10.5 oz 12 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Fourth shelf
Veggie Beef 3 10.5 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Fourth shelf
Cream of Chicken 12 10.5 oz 12 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Fourth shelf
Cream of Celery 7 10.5 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Fourth shelf
Baked Beans 2 28 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Fifth shelf
Chicken Flavor Soup Base 1 16 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Fifth shelf
Beef Flavor Soup Base 1 16 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Fifth shelf
Chicken Broth 4 14 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Fifth shelf
Beef Broth 5 14 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Fifth shelf
Diced Tomatoes 1 28 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Sixth shelf
Stewed Tomatoes 2 14.5 oz 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Sixth shelf
8 9.7 oz 8 5/30/2011 Main/Pantry Second Shelf

Friday, September 9, 2011

Peach pie! MMMM!!

My whole intention was to make this for Terry before he left last weekend, but dang it, time just slipped away from me. So I have about 12 peaches staring at me and pie tins empty. It was cool and rainy yesterday, PIE TIME! That was my first time making one from scratch! I'm pretty anxious to see how it will come out... I froze it until my Love comes home again. Yes, I'm totally sappy!

I had gotten the instructions from- http://www.skiptomylou.org/?s=peach+pie&x=0&y=0

I measured and mixed.
I peeled and sliced.

I totally made a mess! But that's how I roll!

I tried to blanch my peaches to make the skin easier to come off. I didn't do it long enough so I ended up peeling them the old fashioned way.

I used butter instead of shortening!

 I did have enough left over filling to make another, less filled pie! After freezing my other delicious looking creation I decided to make another. But lo, an behold, I ran out of flour! GRRFACE! I was just at the store the other day! SIGH!

SO! I improvised! Crescent rolls to the rescue! I added a dash of sugar to my floured area to sweeten the dough as I rolled it out. It was so tasty that I had 3 pieces (dinner)! I had to give the rest to our adopted family, Lee and Al otherwise I would have eaten the rest. Depending on how the homemade pie turns out I just may use crescent rolls instead of making a pie crust. I really like how nice and brown it gotten. I can't wait to try the other!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Look what I made!

I had some energy and Mini Man went to sleep nice and early. Now I know I should be heading to bed myself (He was up about 6 times last night and then stayed up at 4:30 am), but I have a project I was kicking around!

I am thinking of making another for etsy and have not decided whether to keep this one for me or to list it! LOL! I have gone Owl crazy! I love these little guys! I am unsure whether I will sell him or hold onto him yet... It says- "Welcome to our nest".

Now I should have found peel and stick letters because I have terrible handwriting! I used dry erase so I could just change the words and for adding what I am grateful for daily. This was a brown wood frame but I used some red paint, while still damp I brushed on a bit of cream with a old cloth. This one I may add a fabric flower or something to. Still going to work on this one!


Let me start off by saying I am not a cake decorator. LOL! I saw a site that had adorable Minions- Despicable Me http://www.thepartyanimal-blog.org/despicable-minion-twinkie-cakes/. I was hooked! Alex and Kalven's party was coming up so I had the brain child that I could do this! I have maybe 2 self taught cake classes and I have had a handful of sucessful cakes- a campfire cake for Scouts that brought in $35 at their auction!

So there I go off the store to get everything I needed. I have no patience to run around all over the place and like one stop shop outing. I couldn't find several things and ended up either omitting or trying to wing it.

I decided on using the 3 tier cake pans. Well, let me tell you it turns out the Minions were HUGE on this. SIGH! I improvised again. Poor Minions never had a chance! I cut one in half and tooth picked 2 others to the cake after I noticed they slowly were falling off the first and second tier.

AGH! Soon arms and legs from these poor little guys were falling off. I swear it was looking like a horror flick! Then I was so hyped that I failed to remember that I didn't have a cover for this monstrosity, which meant I needed to leave it out over night.

Sour worms for arms and legs!

I thought about buying a box of Twinkies but I worried I would eat the left overs!

 I threw them in the freezer to make it easier to frosting, I also put them back in the freezer for about an hour while the cake was cooling.

White Smarties for the little guys eyes. BUT the black for the glasses oozed and so did the dot in their eyes. I had to mix up some black (which turned out grey) frosting with food coloring since I could not find any at the grocery store.

Notice some arm and leg slippage! LOL!

I couldn't fit him on the cake. SAD FACE!

The next day we had cake! Oh it was yummy and despite how sad my poor Minions turned out Terry and Alex ate a bunch and commented that it was pretty tasty! YEA ME!

Turns out the cake was super moist, the Minions had hard heads from being left out all night, but that was ok, the Baby dug in and without haste!

Happy Birthday Alex & Kalven! Next year... No Minons and I have a year to fine tune my decorating skills! In the mean time "Let them eat cake!"