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Friday, April 22, 2011

No posts! Happy Easter!

Oh! I'm slacking, well not really! Honest! I have been in such a funk lately! I plan on picking up my glue gun and glitter usually makes me smile, but not right now. Depression? Just feeling under the weather? Gray skies maybe?

I have been busy here and there, even on the inside I feel like tossing the covers over my head and staying put for days. Not like me. I'm just not myself...

In the mean time I created humbledheartcreation.blogspot.com and littlecriesandlullabies.blogspot.com in addition to this blog and my hopewhentherewasnone.blogspot.com. WHEW! Now keeping all these up will be something! I decided not to sweat getting to them everyday or weekly. When I started I was psyched and I was receiving emails that were encouraging as well as making me feel slightly pressured to make something everyday or weekly.  The spark was dimming... And Etsy! I opened my shop on Etsy! I did have some sales but I have a bunch to post, I need to get busy doing that...

I need to be me, create when I want to and what I want to. I'm up for a challenge but don't want to feel the crunch of a deadline to get into some blogs hop or made it or copy this. I have a house to clean, a 7 month old (who still doesn't sleep through the night), job searching, a few interviews sprinkled in, reading up on Divorce law/Domestic Abuse topics for court, making dinner, lunch and all that other happy nonesense that comes with being a Mom.

I run around looking from time to time for my Secret Pal gifts (church/monthly), then I recently volunteered to put together some type of craft for Mother Daughter banquest soon. OH! Did I forget I have to make food for that? YIKES! Thank goodness I have another week! I have the Fairhaven Walk for Domestic Violence prevention on the following Saturday and now that Terry is back to work, I may need to find a lift for the event.

If I do get a job can I find a sitter? SIGH!  I still don't have a car to get around.Can I make these 2 new businesses work for me instead? I know that is a yes, I just have to get out there. Which leads me to me doubting myself. Which makes me procrastinate more... I did order business cards for my Doula business so I'm making tiny baby steps (No pun).

I guess I'm feeling overwhelmed! My P90X workouts, even though once a day for an hour seems too long. I haven't been eating as I should. I'm looking for a bigger place for us, the girls want they're own rooms, but it has to be far enough (within 100 miles) from STBX. I'm happy we haven't heard from him.

Gosh I feel like I'm whining!  We have our health, we have food in the fridge, we have a roof over our heads, we have one another to lean on and we have all that we need is provided. God has been good, I have worries and I should embrace them. I should feel that I have so many needs already met that I take foregranted and I should feel faith that it will get better. I need to look ahead and stop looking down or behind me...

Lord give me strength and maybe some cheese with my whine...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Feeling fuzzy and dreary

I think it's the weather but I'm pretty bummed lately, could be Mercury or some other planet is in retrograde or that maybe I am just super consumed with worries. Court with STBX, or police investigation for STBX not going anywhere or news our son (M) is having more seizures again and there is nothing I can do to help because of STBX. (*see my story on my other blog) 

On the bright side I did start Etsy and made a few bucks! I have 2 job leads and an interview on Thursday! I am still working out on P90X! I have just started Week 4, I actually thought of doing doubles of the workout or incorporating an older workout~ Yoga, booty, ballet, Turbojam or Walking with Lesile Sansone. But, I am so pooped after the P90X workout I don't see me doing it right now. I was planning on doing some glittering today but we will see, feeling kind of humdrum...

Friday, April 15, 2011

I did it! Etsy!!!

I finally stopped procrastinating and started both a blog and an Etsy shop for "Humbledheartcreation" (Etsy id) and http://www.humbledheartcreations.blogspot.com/. There I can post my crafts and vintage items for sale instead of here. Maybe. I like it here. We shall see how well I can juggle now a third blog. HHHHMMM ! Challenge!

I'm proud of myself! Now to get some glue and glitter out! TEEHEE!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Flashback Friday!

Real Genuis 1985
Featuring an adorable Val Kilmer- SWOON! Rev up the TV if you grab a chance it's on now on VH1! Don't have it, check out your local video store!

I swear I have Adult ADD!

I do not mean any disrespect for anyone that has ADD at all, but I am certain I have it. I do not seem to keep my focus, seem to go from one thing to another easily and loose interest quickly. Like my massive amount of ever growing projects I decided to tackle, or the books I have started and have not finished! *Update! I now realize it's not ADD it is most definitely Lyme Disease! Here I am years later. I was diagnosed in 2015. I have been infected with these cooties for 10+ years. It's made my Thyroid wonky (thank you for the weight gain), destroying my Adrenals, causing brain fog, giving me Fibro symptoms, Migraines and more! If you would like to know about this disease drop me a line.*

I'm currently reading a book from my Secret Pal (Church)- Golden Thoughts of Mother, Home & Heaven by Gene Fedele. It is filled with many inpiring stories!

Powerful Promises for Every Woman- Elizabeth George

Power of a Praying Woman- Stormie Omartian

Overcoming Negative Emotions- Annie Chapman

Sacred Sex- Tim Alan Gardner (nothing gross or x-rated) It is about oneness between couple's

The Deep Winter Series- By Thomas Sherry- I am in Book 2 It is about survival of a family during a earthquake, the demise of the the US currency and breakdown of society as they know it. Can I say WOW! Enough about this one!

And of course- MY KJV BIBLE!

I pick these up here or there and put them down. I used to read like a madman earlier, devouring 3 to 5 books a week in some instances. Now I have been lax or "busy" that I haven't had a good read day. I do miss that! I thought when I was done with school I would get more time to read. Of course I need to manage my time alot better! I am a blog-a-ohlic and surf for hours from time to time losing track of time. And in between I am now chasing after little one, exercising, picking up the house and doing domestic stuff.

So for today's 5 goals-
I will-
1) Call Robyn (I didn't yestreday)
2) Call about place
3) Watch videos
4) Exercise
5) Read something for a bit!

I know the destination is always easier then the journey
I am worthy of love and respect
I trust my intuition
I am on the right path at the right time
I have the power to change my destiny
I am doing what is right not necessarily easy
I am strong
I am filled with a positive spirit
I have God around me to show me signs and wonder daily
I have the power to choose the course of my life
I find happiness and joy everyday
I am a money magnet! Finding money where I go!
I will forge ahead and look back as little as possible
I am making meaningful relationships with honest and loving people
All I need is provided

Look what I made!

I made a small floral arrangement on a broom ages ago for my Grandma, who is departed for several years, and Grandpa passed last year so while helping Dad clean up a bit I spotted it. It was looking pretty sad. I hated to toss it, so I took it home, not sure what I was going to do with it.

With Easter coming and I needed something for the front door...

VIOLA! A Bunny for Easter or Spring! Ok a little kitchy but she turned out ok considering what I had to work with. I thought of making a quick outfit for her but I couldn't find anything that called out to me in my stash. For now she works! I had some foam for her eyes and nose. I had some left over scrap fabric for her ears, styrofoam for cheeks and a scavenged bow from a gift topper. I think she looks cute!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vision board, silly pics and of course GLITTER!

So I talk to my friend, Kristy, who says to me many things, but what sticks out in my brain is that I need to start digging myself again. I need to create a vision board (inspiration/wish board) and start using Positive affirmations! I say to myself, "Self! Stop procrastinating!" So today I worked on my Vision Board! I am still working on the Affirmations. But she also gave me a delicate kick in the kester to get moving on selling my crafts as well as marketing my Doula biz. SHEESH! Yes I know! It's something I needed to hear and to actually start doing. I need to write down some short term goals for the businesses.

BUT! I did open an etsy with a name I really like. Humble Heart Creations! I looked through my Bible and found Isaiah 57:15, both words popped out at me! Yea me!
I am thinking the Doula business will also be name similiar. 

Here is my board! 

Alex woke up looking like Alfalfa, LOL!
Jess thought I didn't see her hiding looking for munchies! SURPRISE!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 9 P90X!

YEA ME! I can't believe I made it through week one! LOL! BOOYEA! I notice a difference already! My diet can use some polishing up. I am thrilled to actually feel really good right now. I do feel really tired though. I talked to someone on a P90x board that says I may not be eating enough! YIKES! I am still nursing so my calories are being eaten up with that, and that could be leading me to feeling sluggish and tired. Of course I am hungrier then I am nursing! What's up with that! I'm pretty happy with myself!

I am drinking water, water, water and running to the bathroom on a regulary basis. That's all fine with me! I have been neglecting both my crafts and I'm afraid I have been pushing off posting anywhere to make a $. I am in the process of divorce (I mentioned in previous blog post) with an Emergency hearing super soon! Needless to say this has me in a tizzy and flurry of phone calls, emails and searching the web for support and help. I am in a dire need of a glue stick and glitter break!

Little one is growing like a weed! Can you say "Army crawl?" Hold on to your butts, little one has gone mobile! LOL! If he is not rolling, he's army crawling! It's funny of course all the fun begins now! He is sitting on his own accord now as well, much to the delight of my sister that came to visit us last Saturday. She was just tickled pink!

So my P.O.A. tomorrow is to do some sort of craft and I will post pictures! I was working on some Mod Podging words on rocks that we found on the lake last year. With a dash of glitter of course! I may do something this evening I know it's late but I am finding it hard to sleep. Off for now!