Whose that crazy Chicken Lady?


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ms. Disorganized!

I admit it! I am a terrible organizer! But on the bright side it's Organized Disorganization! I know where everything is, honest! My better half could probably argue this fact and I am a terrible liar.

I do love when everything is in it's place. Organized craft items or even the things in our pantry. I just have a awful habit of just throwing things around with intentions of later taking care of business. Well, business becomes one day after another and pretty soon I forget about whatever it is until an item or address or phone number is needed! OOOPPPSSS! I then run around like a chicken without a head.

Oh, this isn't something new, I have always been like this. I have always envied those that kept clean rooms or their homes looked like they just decorated for a magazine shoots from Country Homes or Victoria. SIGH! I have wonderful ideas for organizing and even attempt to organize others, but yet I am lacking in my own home. I have a hard time practicing what I preach. If you check out my bookmarks, unorganized of course for the most part, I have a ton of them from A to Z.

Maybe one day I will sit down and actually read some of them if I can figure out which ones are which! Now where is my purse?

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