Whose that crazy Chicken Lady?


Friday, April 5, 2013

It's time Spring! Come on!

My seeds have finally sprouted, they are doing wonderful! They promise our family, food, an occassional "Oh or Ah!", a bit of income and a plan to store their goodness as the weather turns cold again.

Re-capping last year:
I loved canning! I enjoyed learning how to do it, enjoyed the bounty of a job I did with my 2 hands! OK a down side was that my back did hurt from standing so long at the stove or prepping them to use. I love gardening but my sciatic was killer!

All in all that was a small price to pay for happy faces, popping open a can when I had forgotten to "buy" a jar of spaghetti sauce or salsa.

I'm going to do it more!

Bees coming soon! We added ducks and a few more chickens. Terry is now Mr. Mom and I started to work outside the home. He is really digging the whole experience.

More to come! Have a happy day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 Goals

Read my Bible- At least 1 chapter a day- 1 book of the Bible a week
Pray more often- Get a prayer journal or notebook
Spend more time with my Love
More 1 on 1 time with my Lil' Squeezes
Play! Family game night
Read my daughter's stories
Exercise (3 to 5 times a week) Trouble right now since my back is out
Drop 10 lbs- I have been doing it backwards, I gained 10 lbs :(
Practice Self Defense
Practice shooting (my gun~ I do have a permit and need this for in case my ex comes too close)
Learn Archery
Learn to fish (I hate worms so this will be a big thing for me!)
Learn to gut something we catch
Rent a antique spot for all of my cool stuff!
Buy some storage units
Plan our garden
Order seeds
Order Bee's/Take Bee class first! (See a Dr about an Epi pen in case :) )- I did order them and they are arriving on 4/20! Also joined local Beekeeping group!
Order Buck-eye chicks
Order Lamb (s) *See my friends Mom about raising and other things
Take lots more family pictures!
Craft more! Finish my PH D (Projects Half Done)/Sew clothing! Finish crocheting my blanket!(A lady from church has been teaching me the stitches!- I am doing really good on my blanket, it's about 2 ft long now.
Take a First Aid course- DONE!
Create a new vision board-DONE but still working on it here and there
Plan my Mom's herb garden
Tape my family history (Grandma)
ACTUALLY read books off my growing bookshelves and sell after I read or just sell others- Read 4 books- 2 were library books. READ- The 7: Seven wonders that will change your life- Glenn Beck,
Killing Kennedy/Killing Lincoln- O'Reilly, and Little House on the Prairie.
Write my story!- Still working on this one. I have had a hard time writing it due to the emotions it brings out. I have had a reporter do a story on me recently and a dear friend did allow me to write a short bio about me too!
Make Cheese/Yogurt
Pay off- Kids school book fee's/ Pay something on my student loan (Medical Assistant that I still didn't find a job doing~ GRRFACE!)
Do something off my Big Bucket list!
Learn electrical and woodworking!
Camp out side with the wee monkey (in the yard)