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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wrist bracelets!

I have been seeing these darned things all over the web and decided to give it a try! No pattern and just off the cuff (no pun!). I worked with a pair of jeans I had tore apart to use for my Christmas stockings, some fun fabric and neat findings to embellish! I made one for each of my girls and am working on one for me!

Alex's! I was surprised she did not pick out more stuff to add to this!

Jess's bracelet



Made this for someone special!

MINE! Was there any doubt!? I could have went with more bling, but decided to make another some other time!

Close uo of mine! I have an old fan earring I couldn't part with from 1982!I lost the other and thought to save it si I could use it someday! HEHE!

I also have plans for some things the baby has grown out of. I hope to post some pictures soon!

Happy Saturday!

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