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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Butler's Pantry! SQUEAL!

Oh my gosh! I want a house! We are in an apartment building and well the owners frown on you taking on your own remodeling, GIGGLE! I couldn't help myself when looking at old Farmhouses, how can one forget that many moons ago they had Butlers!

VIOLA! For your viewing pleasure! (Oh now this isn't to say I haven't forgotten those wedding pictures! I found a bunch more ideas for the future Hub's and I).

I am so fascinated with metal, I adore many of the handles and knobs from kitchens and baths. Of course it's hard not to find anything I don't like!

Tin countertop! So very cool!

 Oh this one makes me HAPPY! Not sure why it brings a smile to my face but I do like this one!
 I like the "Safe look" to this one!
 I like the little CUBBIES on top!
 Oh the lace curtains on this one are just a rod on the other side! Super easy!
What a great idea for one's pots! My pots look nothing like these, they are very well used and I do have a bunch of Cast Iron pots and pans that would never work hanging like this. SAD FACE!

I really like the Robin's Egg color of this one! How orderly and tidy! Gosh please don't look under my cabinets now! It's scary!

 White makes everything look so clean and it's so pretty! I like the cabinet over the door!
Love the handles on this one!

 Love the handles and old sink! Cubbies on top, NEATO!

SIGH! Very cool! And what big Butler Pantrys! Many look like my current kitchen can fit into them!

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