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Monday, March 14, 2011

Look what I made today!

The family has been down with a nasty cootie! So I have been neglecting my blog, crafts, and internet land for favor of a pillow, tissues and vitamins!
I hadn't been much in the mood to have Flashback Friday, sorry! HEY! I also started a part time job at Kohl's! It's only a about 4 hours a week but it's something! And there's a great discount! GIGGLE!

Anyway! Without further adieu! Look what I made! Took me about an hour between fussy baby and kiddos. I was inspired by Simple Joys Paperie-http://www.simplejoyspaperie.com/. Of course I have to put my own spin on this to call it my own!

I used the Sunday funnies, other paper I had laying around, I cut out squares that were about an inch, I wanted to make pins/brooches! I'm sorry I eyeballed them! Then I dug out my bigger buttons to be my backing, I used some Mod Podge on the funnies so the print wouldn't get all over, pin backings, a trusty glue stick (this took me some real digging as all I could find were dried up ones! SIGH!), string of pearls, other jewelry eye candy and finally my all time favorite GLITTER

So! Now I will wait until the glue dries, I have moved the paper around a bit more, I was too lazy to wait for my glue gun to warm up! Sorry I had to confess that. More soon! I can't wait to wear them! And like usual I will get around to maybe make a bunch to sell...

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  1. How fun are those! Thanks for visiting the Hop! Following you back.