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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are you prepared?

Around our house we have been in survival mode. Scary to say, but nowadays this is something you should think about. Our economy is so shaky right now do you have a plan if something hits the fan? Could you live without your cell phone?
What if the ATM's or banks close?
Do you have enough canned food that you can survive on?
Can you make a fire on your own?
Can you survive a natural or man made castrophe?

Ok, I'm not talking zombies! Though the CDC has a good hand on surviving this type of attack, I have a fear of zombies. But seriously, if something natural happens or if our economy continues to spiral, we should be prepared.

It's not hard to do! I will cover this over the next few weeks here or there. So to begin...





   Let’s talk about National Preparedness Month. What essential items are you going to need if a major storm or some other event devastates your area?  Below are listed some suggested items you should have on hand and is not meant to be all inclusive.  Your personal situation will also drive what you will need to keep you going until the situation stabilizes.  

  • Food for at least 2 days such as energy bars, canned meats, jerky, candy etc. The type of stuff that you like.
  • Water - put at least a 12 pack in the trunk or your car.
  • Flashlight & spare batteries - there may be extended power outages.
  • Blankets
  • Gasoline - Keep it filled.
  • Money – power and telephone outages can cause ATM’s and card readers to stop working.  Get some money now (possibly $ 200 or $300).  Be prepared for several days of a cash only economy.
  • Battery powered radio with weather band and spare batteries.
  • Your medicines - if you are close to the end of a Rx get them refilled, get the over the counter products that you use; aspirin,  etc.
  • A change of clothes, extra socks, sturdy shoes.
  • Keep your cell-phones charged.
  • Have essential telephone numbers for your family, doctor, co-workers.

 Next time I will show you our pantry, it's small, since we live an apartment, but we have enough food to cover us for at least 30 to 60 days.

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