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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Look what I made!

I had some energy and Mini Man went to sleep nice and early. Now I know I should be heading to bed myself (He was up about 6 times last night and then stayed up at 4:30 am), but I have a project I was kicking around!

I am thinking of making another for etsy and have not decided whether to keep this one for me or to list it! LOL! I have gone Owl crazy! I love these little guys! I am unsure whether I will sell him or hold onto him yet... It says- "Welcome to our nest".

Now I should have found peel and stick letters because I have terrible handwriting! I used dry erase so I could just change the words and for adding what I am grateful for daily. This was a brown wood frame but I used some red paint, while still damp I brushed on a bit of cream with a old cloth. This one I may add a fabric flower or something to. Still going to work on this one!

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