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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hiking at Turkey Run!

My goodness am I pooped! I hadn't been to Turkey Run since I was I believe 13 or 14 years old. I don't recall the ladders being so scary! Or having to scale the paths here or there. Of course I believed I was indestructible back then. Bugs didn't bother me all that much, heights, the unknown and leaping over small paths of water. Seeing the park thru the girls eyes was very cool!

We got there about 12ish and ate some lunch then set out for the most important part! The bathrooms! After a quick dash there we were on our way to adventure! Now I have been exercising and doing P90X so what challenge couldn't I handle? Right?

Factor in having a tiny human strapped to my back! LOL! I hadn't given too much thought about this. By about 10 mins into the hike, while climbing stairs and a hill to get to the top of a ridge I was dripping sweat!(Notice the sweat around my neck! I know gross! I sweat at the drop of a hat!

My gosh my face looks HUGE in this picture Is my head really that big?!

At this point in the hike, my calves were screaming and dare I mention if I kept up that kind of work out my bum would probably look awesome! (Remember this is ONLY 10 MINS INTO IT! LOL!) I start second guessing myself whether this was a good idea or not...

Did I mention my fear of heights! Luckily I had a few ladies and men give me a hand at the ladders going down.

Next time I will bring an extra adult pair of hands, it would have been nice to switch off with the baby. Missed having Terry with! Thinking a camp weekend will be in order since there were a few places on the hike we didn't get to.

I was surprised at how gutsy they were! Climbing, jumping, scaling walls, and taking chances!
When did I lose my thrill gene?

 On the way back we did stop in Attica, IN, which is a neat little town. I would have liked to have explored the town more if I didn't feel so exhausted.

We caught abit of the Potawami Fair, we didn't stay too long, I was hoping there would be more Indian type of things, seemed a little too commercialized for my taste. But it was still a nice place to visit!
All in all it was a fun day! I loved what team work the girls used with each other and others!

Now that we are home it's time to put up our hooves and relax...

Now where is the Captain Morgan and 7?

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