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Monday, March 7, 2011

eBay, making money, finding a job and Me!

I listed some things on eBay today! WAHOO! Again I am terribly disorganized and at times I just lack motivation and gumption to get my bottom going. I am debating whether to place my OOAK items on etsy or eBay. Perhaps maybe offer them here instead. As $ flow is very tight right now!

I did get a call from Brown Mackie to let me know they were going to forward my resume to a Health clinic, YEA! I am keeping my fingers crossed! I also called for information on the CASA/Guardian ad Litem program. Frustrated as I am with the way my own court (divorce) case is going maybe this will shed some light.

I have been sleep deprived trying to figure out if I can make a living out of blogging, I do enjoy writing and sharing! Also can I make a living doing eBay or selling my wares in the cyber world? I like going out to set up at the local Flea market (Uncle John's in Cedar Lake, IN) but the time involved and now with the baby in tow. HUMPH! I loved doing house clean-outs (sorting and throwing out other people's junk, mostly Hoarders) I have toyed with hitting the craft shows again. It's been sometime since I have done that and I know I don't have enough in stock to even set up a card table right now.

So! Can I make some kind of money doing another thing I enjoy sharing? What is that you ask? I enjoy crafting and I have thought about teaching at the local libraries again or maybe talking to women's groups about Domestic Violence/Family Violence? Also I do have my training as a Doula!

SIGH! Sorry to whine!

Here's what I have listed on eBay right now:
Find these lovely items and a few more at my ID- blessmeplz09

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