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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pre-teens and Babies! Happy birthday!

I can't believe so much time has passed! Both of my babies will be celebrating a birthday next week.
Oh I know it's soon to wish them well but I have a few moments of quiet and I couldn't help myself.
Alex will be 12 and Kalven will be 1! Both on the 10th! I know what are the odds! Alex is cool with it now, though I know at the time she was upset. She did think if we have another one on the 10th of Sept. that would be weird. Of course she also believes Kalven is her mini minion since he was born on her birthday! LOL!

It is so wild to remember being preggers at this time last year. Dealing with enema's, making batches of Labor cookies, rubbing Castor Oil, Evening Primrose Oil on my private parts to induce labor naturally. We had the tub set up for the "Home birth" I wanted to have. Things don't always turn out the way we want them!

Funny thing is Alex herself was a baby that just didn't want to come down and join the world too! I never experienced a true labor in any of my 4 births. Weird huh? Sorry for rambling, but feeling sentimental.

We will be celebrating they're birthday's a bit early. Terry has been away for sometime and this will be a homecoming for him for the Labor Day weekend. Pretty excited all around!

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