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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Small scale farming and homesteading

Mr. Awesome and I began this journey in March it will be 8 years! 4 of those were very crazy due to the circumstances of my ex. (See my story here- My story of escaping abuse)

Both of us had an interest in learning the lost art of Homesteading. From raising Animals to Blacksmithing to Herbalism to Foraging and more. We read through articles from Mother Earth News, Grit and dozens of websites that offered practical advice. We dreamed of having a place of our own that we could actually try out the things we just read about!

We were blessed to come across a HUGE old hunt club and the landlord didn't mind small farm animals. Our idea at the time was to open this sprawling place into a B & B- I even still have the blog from that here- M & T Redrum B & B . I'll be honest I don't recall my password to the dang thing to remove the blog. So there it stays!

Things went wonky and sadly our plans had to change. But God had other plans! We found a property that met our needs! Now our initial plan was to also go traveling (our School bus renovation!) across the country to help out others where needed and perhaps find some land of our own. Finding our "forget home" very close to where we already are was just wonderful!

Here we can start doing all the things we just dreamed of! Larger scale gardening, having more animals, including some that are larger then a chicken or duck.

Now the home is 100+ years old so it needs some TLC. But the bones are there. Over time we will fix her up see our 2017 Goals!

My goal would be to have a sustainable food forest that we could supply food for us and also for the public. I would love to be able to give back to our community by providing veggies, herbs and fruit to local food banks.

In addition to educate children where our food comes from!  I hope to also like to have a Gypsy trailer or Tiny house as a shop to have vintage goodies for sale, Honey, tinctures, herbal concoctions and host crafty/homestead classes.

Mr. Awesome would like to have a few Tiny homes for WOOFERs that may pop-in to join us.

Sounds daunting I know! Have you ever had a gut feeling you should be doing something to help others? That's me! I have a feeling in my soul that I should be doing more. Now I've had this conversation with my Mom and Mr. Awesome, both believe my sharing my story of abuse My story of escaping abuse and Lyme story is a great idea. Tired of being tired Of 1 and Tired of being tired Of 2 .

Enough of that! We still have MS. Froggy the rabbit and she's doing great. P!And for a cage that will feature 3 separate cages is in the planning stage. Why 3 1 will be for a male and 2 others for Does. No plans to eat the rabbits but perhaps to sell the offspring. We had Angoras in the past and tried to get our eldest Daughter interested in collecting the fur for fiber. But she was in her early teens at the time and lost interest as quickly as it came.

Mr. Awesome found he has houseguests in the barn! This is wee one of his favorites.


Our Hens have been showing us some love! Not sure if it was our experiment of using yogurt or just because they are getting more sunlight. But we are tickled to start selling them again!

Last year we didn't have time to devote to foraging around the yard. I found both Spearmint and Wild onions!

Here's the Wild Onions! There are a few patches in other areas too! We know we have Mulberry and Cherry trees existing already. We added 10 Apple trees that were grafted but only 1 graft took and we'll work on grafting the other 9 soon.

It's also almost Fleas market time! I'll be setting up at Jasper County Fairgrounds in April! I'm excited!  I will also have Lyme Dis-ease info with me to hand out and info about the group I belong to. 

It's been a productive few days despite the crazy weather. I can't wait for Spring!

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