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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Let me start off by saying I am not a cake decorator. LOL! I saw a site that had adorable Minions- Despicable Me http://www.thepartyanimal-blog.org/despicable-minion-twinkie-cakes/. I was hooked! Alex and Kalven's party was coming up so I had the brain child that I could do this! I have maybe 2 self taught cake classes and I have had a handful of sucessful cakes- a campfire cake for Scouts that brought in $35 at their auction!

So there I go off the store to get everything I needed. I have no patience to run around all over the place and like one stop shop outing. I couldn't find several things and ended up either omitting or trying to wing it.

I decided on using the 3 tier cake pans. Well, let me tell you it turns out the Minions were HUGE on this. SIGH! I improvised again. Poor Minions never had a chance! I cut one in half and tooth picked 2 others to the cake after I noticed they slowly were falling off the first and second tier.

AGH! Soon arms and legs from these poor little guys were falling off. I swear it was looking like a horror flick! Then I was so hyped that I failed to remember that I didn't have a cover for this monstrosity, which meant I needed to leave it out over night.

Sour worms for arms and legs!

I thought about buying a box of Twinkies but I worried I would eat the left overs!

 I threw them in the freezer to make it easier to frosting, I also put them back in the freezer for about an hour while the cake was cooling.

White Smarties for the little guys eyes. BUT the black for the glasses oozed and so did the dot in their eyes. I had to mix up some black (which turned out grey) frosting with food coloring since I could not find any at the grocery store.

Notice some arm and leg slippage! LOL!

I couldn't fit him on the cake. SAD FACE!

The next day we had cake! Oh it was yummy and despite how sad my poor Minions turned out Terry and Alex ate a bunch and commented that it was pretty tasty! YEA ME!

Turns out the cake was super moist, the Minions had hard heads from being left out all night, but that was ok, the Baby dug in and without haste!

Happy Birthday Alex & Kalven! Next year... No Minons and I have a year to fine tune my decorating skills! In the mean time "Let them eat cake!"

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