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Friday, September 9, 2011

Peach pie! MMMM!!

My whole intention was to make this for Terry before he left last weekend, but dang it, time just slipped away from me. So I have about 12 peaches staring at me and pie tins empty. It was cool and rainy yesterday, PIE TIME! That was my first time making one from scratch! I'm pretty anxious to see how it will come out... I froze it until my Love comes home again. Yes, I'm totally sappy!

I had gotten the instructions from- http://www.skiptomylou.org/?s=peach+pie&x=0&y=0

I measured and mixed.
I peeled and sliced.

I totally made a mess! But that's how I roll!

I tried to blanch my peaches to make the skin easier to come off. I didn't do it long enough so I ended up peeling them the old fashioned way.

I used butter instead of shortening!

 I did have enough left over filling to make another, less filled pie! After freezing my other delicious looking creation I decided to make another. But lo, an behold, I ran out of flour! GRRFACE! I was just at the store the other day! SIGH!

SO! I improvised! Crescent rolls to the rescue! I added a dash of sugar to my floured area to sweeten the dough as I rolled it out. It was so tasty that I had 3 pieces (dinner)! I had to give the rest to our adopted family, Lee and Al otherwise I would have eaten the rest. Depending on how the homemade pie turns out I just may use crescent rolls instead of making a pie crust. I really like how nice and brown it gotten. I can't wait to try the other!

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