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Thursday, September 1, 2011

More antique adventures in Ohio!

Terry discovered a few antique shops that he couldn't wait to take me to! Oh he was not kidding when he said my jaw would drop! Heart of Ohio Antiques did not fail to stop me in my tracks! I, oh'd and ah'd while we looked over thousands of items! I kid you not! It was so mind blowing! Things from the 1800's, Europe, Africa, Civil War, World War I and II! You name it I am almost certain they had it. After 2 hours we didn't finish going through the mall due to being extremely hungry and pooped. We did manage to go to another antique shop but it was nothing compared to the first.

Of course there are pictures!

Kalven was really into looking at everything, but like most 11 months old he quickly grew tired and cranky! LOL!

This booth is really "Plain!" LOL! Sorry I couldn't help myself!

Seriously?!  Cholorophyll gum! I know this didn't last long!

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