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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Look who's 13!

My Jess is 13 today! My oh my how fast time went! Ok I asked her to strike a pose, using my ever un-cool dated 80's lingo. We had presents and cake for her yestreday as today she had a visit with her Dad at her Grandparent's (long story visit my other blog for that Jerry Springer saga!).

She was pretty easy to shop for, I pick up things for the kids as the year goes by from thrift stores, garage sales and clearance racks! Kids were picking on her about her clothes, she likes them baggy! So I found a couple shirts from Holester (sp?) and Aeropostale on mega sale! YEA ME!

I found a few bracelets at a local thrift store that she loved, her sister Alex, picked out some books and a DSi game she really wanted. And we feasted on Enchilada's and chocolate cake (Store bought! CRINGE!)

She said she had a nice birthday and didn't notice a big change in the mirror. GIGGLE! BIG SMILE! Give me some kleenex I'm feeling old!

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