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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vision board, silly pics and of course GLITTER!

So I talk to my friend, Kristy, who says to me many things, but what sticks out in my brain is that I need to start digging myself again. I need to create a vision board (inspiration/wish board) and start using Positive affirmations! I say to myself, "Self! Stop procrastinating!" So today I worked on my Vision Board! I am still working on the Affirmations. But she also gave me a delicate kick in the kester to get moving on selling my crafts as well as marketing my Doula biz. SHEESH! Yes I know! It's something I needed to hear and to actually start doing. I need to write down some short term goals for the businesses.

BUT! I did open an etsy with a name I really like. Humble Heart Creations! I looked through my Bible and found Isaiah 57:15, both words popped out at me! Yea me!
I am thinking the Doula business will also be name similiar. 

Here is my board! 

Alex woke up looking like Alfalfa, LOL!
Jess thought I didn't see her hiding looking for munchies! SURPRISE!

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