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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Post from 2012- The chicks are coming!

Sorry for the fuzzy picture...
Oh my gosh! I was so tickled to see 8 little guys swimming around in they're shells out of 9 that I put in the incubator is AWESOME! I was amazed and of course I'm a big sap, so I was teary eyed! I'm such a nerd.

I even texted my family to let them know they will be Aunts and Grandparents to a few feathered chicks. HAHA! Thank goodness my family tolerates my silliness!

So, praying everything turns out alright with these little ones that we will have a new flock of little one's running about soon! Now, of course I have an itch to try another breed if all turns well with these little ones.

Of course the girls are doing a wonderful job with laying eggs. So far, production is at 4 eggs a day. I never realized how often I do not eat eggs! They are piling up rather fast in the fridge! I hear a baking day coming up in the next day or so.

My canning adventure was fun and a neat learning experience. I almost hate to pop the jars open because how pretty they look! We have spaghetti sauce, salsa, pumpkin (Which my darling Sister Amanda did for me), Acorn squash, stewed tomatoes, and a few other things. I am glad our garden is small this year for the practice. BRING ON SPRING! I'm already itching for next summer!

Our harvest went well considering the garden size and I was pretty pleased with it!

From June 2012 to September 2012

Acorn Squash- 12
Pickles- 2 lbs
Cantaloupe- 2- I was disappointed at that number
Roma Tomatoes- 1lb
Beefsteak Tomatoes- 2 lbs
Cherry Tomatoes- 1 lb
Corn- 10 ears
Hybrid corn-
Broccoli- 1 lb
Cauliflower- 2 ½ lbs
Turnips- 8
Radish- 6
Zucchini- 12
Strawberries- ½ lb
Kale- 1 lb Rabbits/Chickens
Carrots- 6 mini
Green peppers- 2 lbs
Leaf Lettuce- 1 lb
Pumpkins- 14
Cabbage- 3 heads Cabbage worms- Chickens loved them!
Gourds- 50+
Herbs various- 2 lbs
Potatoes (Yukon Gold/Red/Idaho)- 1 lb
Onions Variety- 2 lbs
Garlic- 6 heads small
Peas- ½ lb
Green Beans- ½ lb

The game plan is to expand and plant more and space out the plantings better. We were blessed to have some free veggie plants at the end of June but they didn't fit so well in the garden and it was like Melons Gone Wild in the garden! Not to mention the pumpkins had a mind of their own. 

It was fun! On occasion a very happy chicken would fly into the garden and nibble on something yummy but for the most part a lot of insects and moths made homes in much of the cabbage and some other veggies. I'm pretty pleased! 
I sold enough of my pumpkins and watermelons to make my seed money for them back! YEA! Really anxious for next year! Did I say that already?

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