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Friday, January 27, 2012

What are your dreams?

I had a lovely visit with a neighbor from our old neighborhood stop in to visit us yesterday. She brought us lunch, which could feed an army and left overs are plenty! YUM!

We got to talking about life and situations.

Which of course had me thinking about my own decisions. I shared with her a bit about my own life and how I couldn't see staying in a marriage where my love and joy was gone. I had been beaten down physically, emotionally and mentally. I couldn't remember a real happy time between us. Oh, there were moments of bliss but they became far and few between. When they happened I languished in the thought that maybe my husband had changed or that it was a turning point.

They were always short lived.

A few events occurred and the thought that "This was it? Lord there has to be more! There has to be some happiness for us (the kids and I)." I made a choice after much thought and talking with my family and a few friends. So I left... Still not the easiest decision I made, but it was the best one for me, for the kids and my sanity.

This is honestly the best time of my life (short of being at home with Mom and Dad).

I feel free!

I have traveled more then ever!

I can share my thoughts and dreams with my partner openly.

I laugh more now.

Oh, I could go on and on! I found an email from Na-Da Farm Life which reminded me of some sage advice I had gotten from a friend, Kristy Robinett (www.tangledwishes.com). She is a life coach as well as a great listener! As a Survivor of Domestic Abuse we related to one another quickly and she inspired me in more ways then one. You can find many youtube videos from her about Vision Boards and other cool videos.

Here is a snippet of the email from Na-Da Farm Life:
Dreams are essential to a happy life........

I'm not telling you to go and forget your obligations...believe me when I tell you that my first priority is my vocation as wife...then mother.

but that doesn't make me stop dreaming

who doesn't like that exhilarating feeling of a new idea!! or reading something and saying almost out loud "yes!! I want to do that!!!" 

being a dreamer doesn't mean you have your head in the clouds with  your rose colored glasses on...

No one can escape the hardships of life........no one

but why do you see some people succeed? and you don't??
why is it that you work so hard and then your efforts don't get noticed??? 

First of all know this......
every single thing you do effects others

If you have to lock yourself in your room with that bar of sea-salted chocolate and warm cup of milk at night so you can read your new Joel Salatin book to escape the stress of the day...you are effecting others

When you pick your elderly neighbors apples and share your making of homemade jelly and delicious pie...you are effecting others

As you sit here are read this and wonder what you can do to help others while pursuing your dreams...you are effecting others

Here's a start:
  1. Get a piece of paper (or print out what I have below)
  2. Write down one dream you have always wanted to do
  3. Look at what you wrote
  4. Study what you wrote
  5. Say what you wrote out loud
  6. Start telling other people your dream
  7. Stop any negativity that comes into your thoughts in doubt pursuing that dream
Every action you perform is working toward that dream.

The people who achieve their dreams do not talk negatively or sarcastic, and ruin everyone else's lives in the process...think of what your priorities are, make sure you are fulfilling those...but do not forget your dream.

I may not be an Environmental Scientist like I thought or am a Sierra Club guide in the mountains, but my dream of changing the world is happening....with every word....every thought....every action I do.

here's something for you to print out and use in your pursuit of your dream:

Instead of guiding others in the mountains, I guide at least six others daily to acheive their dreams too

and as far as my husband?? ..he still has dreams...big dreams actually

but together, we are helping persue one another's dreams

peace + blessings,

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