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Monday, February 14, 2011

A year of first's!

I had saw another post on another blog and for a bit I have been thinking about my little one and the girls with experiencing life and all of it's glory.


What do I mean? Kalven is just starting to have first experiences with snow, holidays cutting teeth and so on! The girls are starting to come out of their shells!

She had her first shaving experience when she was 10. I tried to tell her it was a task that can be a pain in the butt. But peer pressure of course and she wanted to try. So I armed her with a new razor, shaving cream and lotion. I told and showed her how. So away I went for her to start her new grown up girl thing. It took her about an hour to shave one leg. She came out of the shower cold and with patchy hair legs from the spots she missed. I didn't laugh but tried to reassure her it would get easier with practice. After a week of itchy legs from it growing back she decided it was for the birds. Yea!

Jess had put on a little makeup this weekend. She will be 13 next month, the choice to do so was because I remember my first make up experience. Hiding my makeup so my mom wouldn't find out. I was 13 once too as strange as that is for my kids to know I was once a kid.

After much trial and error Jess decided make up can wait for a bit, it's too hard to put on, she keeps blinking when she puts anything on her eyes. I am happy she is waiting.

Jess had her "first" boy to ask her out. She told us and asked what to do. We asked her what does she think she should tell this young man. She said she wanted to tell him no because she didn't want to date yet. Yea! I don't want her to date anyone for a long time after 16. The next day she said she told him she liked him but wanted to be friends and if he wanted to hang out with her and friends (in a group) that would be fine and that they were too young to date. I am proud of her!

I had my chance at "First's" in school but some of them I blew off or I was not confident enough. I hate to say I want to live through my children, but I want them to understand that many times there are no re-do's with life. Definately not school- unless your held back I suppose...

Anyway, there will be a first hug, kiss, dance, flower from a admirer, and so on...

I might have missed out on my first's when I was younger but after I met Terry he told me about a Bucket List and I happily jotted down a long list of things I would like to do before I kicked the bucket (God willing that is a long time away).

A first's for me-
I learned to play chess (I am still learning! Terry and the girls whip my butt!)

I went in a boat!

I paddled a kayak!

I finished a beer and have tried about over 10 different one's in the time Terry and I have been together. Not all the time every once in a while.)

I blogged without having to worry about editing my posts- A first for me in 20 years!

I finished school! Medical Assistant! Now if I can only find a job!

My list goes on and on.

I am not done with my "Grown up First's", I intend to do more! I tell the girls they are capable of doing anything they set their minds to! They can do and be anything they want to! Take this life you have and do something great! Anyone can do this! It's your life what do you want to do? Create the life you want to live and live life as though it's your last day. Love the life you are in, it's all you got!


  1. Thanks for blogging this! I will be linking. You have such good kids - glad they aren't in too much of a hurry to grow up.

  2. AW! Thank you! They are good kiddos! I'm glad too!