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Friday, February 11, 2011

Vintage and new fab finds!

This little guy spoke to me! Oh not seriously, but have you ever saw something that just grabbed your attention for some reason? I haven't picked out a name for my new sidekick yet, rest assured you will be seeing him here and there in my photos or maybe even hitching a ride with us on an outing! GIGGLE!
Terry and I have been feeling better since we got that pesky cold about a week or so ago. So off we went Antiquing in LaPorte, IN! We went on a Thursday so sadly a few of the shops were closed, but we were able to hit our 2 fav's, Timeless Treasures and a wonderful 3 floor mall the name escapes me right now! We checked in just about every nook and crany but no matter how well you think you look there is always something different and new around every corner!

 I would feel like a Queen eating at this dining table!

Some little guy is not happy about being in his stroller!


I can't wait to alter these! I have several ideas in mind for them! This is just a small bit of what things came home with us! Terry had gotten this awesome old lock after much of me yakking about how he never gets anything while we are out. I didn't want to feel totally bad! Many of these will either make it to etsy or eBay I haven't decided yet...

Joanne Fabrics is a wonderland of goodness!
I can't wait to dig into these treasures
and start making something wonderful!

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