Whose that crazy Chicken Lady?


Thursday, January 5, 2012


Yes me! Actually!

Terry added more shelves to the pantry to accommodate the need for space for bath towels. I'm lovin it! So is Mini Man! I have found potatoes and random onions all over the house.

We have a new shelf downstairs for other needs besides food stuff. Such as camping, misc. kitchen and of course bulk items. I'm really digging stocking up. I sort of went nuts in Aldi a few days back. I spent more then the $20 I had initially set for us to spend. Well, it had been almost 2 months since I have done any decent shopping, lately I have been spending $25 here or $100. I really need to set a budget for us since we have limited funds for now. I am trying to dig inside my memory for ways to make money.

I do Craigslist, Etsy, eBay and have been thinking about everything under the sun for extra cash. Legal that is! Growing herbs, flowers, veggies, crafting with herbs and so on. Selling eggs, goats milk/cheese/soap, beekeeping for honey/pollen/wax. I really want to be able to stay home with Mini Man. I was hoping my Doula business would take off. I have had one lead and sadly I missed out due to the move and having no internet to find out about her interest. GRRFACE!

I have been still kicking around the idea of going to Libraries to do speaking or craft demo's as well. I have plenty of experience with that or even maybe something informational about childbirth.

OK, so I got to thinking what in this short time on this earth do I have had experience doing? Besides Secretarial, Receptionist, Super Mom with awesome cape and everything!

MOMS Club charter starter/President
Sunday school teacher
Craft seller and later demo at library
Christmas around the world
Cub/Girl scout leader
Master Gardener Program
Doula program
Antique/Vintage Dealer
Cleaned houses/businesses

As with all things there has been great success and failures. Or what seems as failures. I have found I am not good with MLM or Sales such as Avon. But I can sell my own things! We have been discussing have a Barn sale in the Spring, perhaps it will not only lead to $$ but also to leads on antiques or items that are needed to be taken off someone's hands. It's a thought! I did enjoy cleaning out houses (taking items soon to be discarded).

Since I do have the Medical Assisting and Doula (Birth Assistant) recently under my belt to my ever growing list I am really hoping to find perhaps a Caregiver situation where I can bring Mini Man with me. But of course if the farm takes off then I will be super busy with that! Oh, thank God that I have so many choices and thank God for providing all I need at this time.

 In the meantime I will keep leaving all in God's hands. Enough rambling I sound very whiny today.

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