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Monday, January 9, 2012

To crochet or not to crochet...

that is the question!

In all seriousness something went terribly wrong with my "Blanket" (Afghan) of course I'm not working a pattern, heck I don't need no stinkin instructions! I just doodled through this with practicing various stitches, single, double, triple crochet. I was so gleeful! I felt so proud and thrilled to about my creation! My Mom and Middle Sister (Mandy) are so talented when it comes to crafting and Mandy with her talented knitting needles that I felt that I could tackle this, right?

I did take a few days off and did I mention in those few days when I was sick I forgot the stitches and so I made up what I thought was right? So I'm stitching and stitching tonight so proud that I am zooming through my rows so quickly. After the fourth time around I realize something is off. I hold up my creation and...

I find...

Now what?

Go on chuckle!

I know what I need to do, I just feel a bit sad in doing so. Of course there has been some adult joking between Terry and I what to use this for, and Jess thought it would make a great doily or sippy cozy. Back to the drawing board for me! I have been youtubing how to crochet and found some really great videos!

Bethinx1 has some really good easy to understand tutorials. I like that she goes slowly enough and talks about what she is stitching. In the meantime I was checking out Toothbrush rugs that my gal pal Peggy was telling me about. Then pinterest, oh my I can get lost on there! Check my boards out, Melinda Campos.

Well back to rolling up the yarn! SIGH!

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