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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Make food from scratch!

I want to greatly reduce the garbage output from the house. I have so much cardboard from the boxes from rice, mac n cheese or random snacks that it is frustrating. In my hopes of reducing this I decided to make more meals from scratch. My new found adventures in cooking has been interesting! The joke around here is if the smoke detector goes off dinner's done! I made up my very first batch of Spaghetti sauce with nothing but natural veggies! Well I didn't have garlic cloves so I used the jar of minced cloves. I felt like I cheated! I used the sauce as the base for Pizza nite and oh my was it YUMMERS! And a big hit! Of course the girls asked why it was orange and not red like normal, but I explained this is what the sauce is supposed to look like. I plan on making more of this one! I found the recipe in my Grandma's old Italian cooking cookbook.

Decided to try at least 2 new recipes a week, from dessert to main course. I had kicked around a monthly menu for us, which Terry bought Mastercook for me to incorporate my recipes that have been floating around in cookbooks or randomly on the fridge. Mini Man is in the "Can't hold me down or back stage" so chairs end up next to the counter or sink so he can reach anything and everything! So back to the Monthly Menu planning! I made out 9 1/2 days for January. I hit a brick wall! Terry suggested I make a list of things I already make to help nudge me along. I made a Excel spreadsheet of Main courses, Desserts, Appetizers and Sides, which I came up with over 30+ items! I was surprised, though I am not sure why this surprised me but it did! After that ephiany I told myself to work on it more, but I got distracted as usual (there goes my undiagnosed Adult ADD again. I still promise to ask the Dr. if this is try or maybe it's just my age.)

Yesterday out the blue I grabbed the calendar, pen and wrote out the menu. It goes like this:

Sunday- Roast something (chicken or beef or port)
Monday- Anything in from a Box
Tuesday- Something in a Bun
Wednesday- Prince Spaghetti nite! (OK maybe not Prince, showing my age for this advertised jingle in the 70's) This could also be Italian Nite.
Thursday- Mexican Nite
Friday- Pizza Nite ( Found this good pizza crust in my Pillsbury cookbook!)
Saturday- Anything goes from leftovers

Less aggravation for me and I can do fancy food recipes for lunch for Terry and I during the week! YEA! Alex is a picker eater so this will work for us. Nothing like having to argue about if the kids will eat what's comin from the kitchen! But she has been good about trying new things lately. OH! I made a Greek lasagna that was WONDERFUL! I should have let it set up longer after cooking but the next day it was so yummy! Much better then the first day!

We did have the Flu bug run through, seems as I am the last to get it. I've felt run down, sick to my stomach and achy over the past few days. I don't have time to get sick! Too many things to do! Terry snuck this picture of Mini Man and I napping yesterday! The Booger Face!

I couldn't sleep any longer yesterday afternoon, so I ended up painting the cabinets over and under the kitchen sink that I had put off doing. I also tackled my future "Butler's pantry cabinets". Today Jess helped me plant about 50 cups with veggie seeds to start us. I have a HUGE list of other herbs and veggies I would like to have.

I started composting! Oh my gosh I can not tell you how excited I am about that. I'm thinking I need to have more excitement in my life. (Not crazy STBX excitement) Just maybe a night out. LOL!
I also know that I have to hold my composure when someone throws out eggshells or the coffee grounds. You would think I had lost gold in the garbage can!

I trimmed Terry's hair the other night. I have a phobia about this only because of STBX. So cutting anyone's hair makes me break out in sweat and shake, seriously. I was so proud that I didn't do that this time, but in my haste I ended up trimming Terry's prized "Sideburns"! After I was done and looking pleased with myself that everything seemed equally and not too butchered I told him to go look in the mirror to check it out. He came back from looking with a big grin on his face and he said, I'm missing something... Remember my sideburns?!


Luckily he is good natured about it. We have laughed, giggled and are still making jokes about that one! Anyway his hair and sideburns made it into my small compost can.

I found a Herb garden plan I adore and a veggie garden plan too! I can't wait for SPRING!


  1. I find it a bit humorous that you are just now getting in to homemade scratch cooking while I've been doing that for almost 10 years now. I wouldn't have it any other way! Yay. My big sister is growing up lol. <3

  2. I could never make new or interesting things when I was with Rob. He was so picky or critical. So we always had fast food or box meals or frozen dinners. Or kid food (chicken nuggets, hotdogs, burgers, etc...) I wasn't allowed to experiment. He didn't like change. Oh, please don't tell anyone I'm growing up, that will ruin my reputation! GIGGLE!