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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Facebook? What's that?
Stumbleupon? Who?

I have a confession I am totally addicted. I need a fix daily of pins! I adore pinterest with all of it's lovely pictures, blogs, crafts and ideas!

I manage to get lost on here for hours! I search for so many random things that I feel so energized and excited to try or do new things! Such as, a pin I found to continue to grow green onions or Mouthwatering Sunday buns, or for the information on vinegar. Oh,my! I'm all twitterpatted just thinking about logging back on!

My mind is a whirl of things I want to try, can't believe I didn't think of and day dreams of what could be.

Oh pinterest you wicked site! Stealing my time away with the lure of luscious goodies, fit women, fun crafts and far away places!

What's that? I hear someone calling me... It's pinterest awaiting for my return! SQUEAL! I have have farm porn (not what you think!) to look at and garden journal ideas to pin! I'm coming my sweet...

You can find me there! Melinda Campos See ya soon!

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