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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 Mini man is growing up so FAST! At this time whenever the camera comes out there goes a huge cheesy grin! Where does the time go? He reminds me so much of Alex when she was his age.

Great news many of my seeds are now seedlings! HOORAY!  Now if I can get them passed this stage I think I will be good.
We have a rabbit hutch that Terry is fixing up, so we should have a rabbit joining our family soon. I found this really neat idea for placing your hutch over your compost pile for warmth and to add to the pile. I shared this with Terry and the next hutch he makes he will make it so this can be done. I have so overgrown my compost pile which in some ways is kind of sad. It reminds me of how much waste from my kitchen scraps and paper towels we use. And yes I am still dashing in the garbage can for a eggshell or banana peel because someone forgot to put it in the compost container.

The family has decided I have a problem and they are talking intervention. I told Terry I was looking at porn... Farm stuff that is. GIGGLE! I find chicken coops, garden plans, bee blogs, farm blogs and I catergorized them as porn. My addiction with blogs and now Pinterest is so crazy. I have well over 100 blogs I subscribe to... Actually the total is slightly higher then that... roughly about 700 blogs. I know I have a problem!

Perhaps it is not only for the need to educate myself about things but the need to find normalcy or read about someone elses drama filled life for a change. I find that if I read other Domestic Abuse blogs I sort of sink into a funk, due to the similarity to my own past. There are times when even my own blogs have just taken a back seat to everything lately.

I pray Spring comes soon! I feel I have so much to look forward to and I feel rewarded in my life right now. Even when I am blue I feel very happy to be where I am. So happy that I have found a spark of love I hadn't ever known imaginable. Oh we have our issues but nothing like what I had before. Thank you Lord for everything I am and all you provide for me!

I found this on pinterest today and it is a subtle reminder to let things go. God's got it!

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