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Monday, February 28, 2011

Look what I made!

I had seen a neato project that had used clay and lace to make a wonderful bowl! I got to thinking I could do the same with some doilies, lace, cookie cutters and clay. So away I went... I added some gold paint around the edges and a bit of brown from a stamper for an aged look. I used a few of the cut-outs and crafted a necklace with bits of an old necklace, some findings and ribbon. I love how it turned out!

I also made a Birds nest pendant, funny I had made these several years ago and it is very cool that they are now the rage. I of course did not orginally create it, but I had put my own spin on it, as that is something I think everyone should do to make it special and they're own. Kind of like a calling card!

I picked up some more stones for more Tree of Life pendants and I can't wait to make some more, very theraputic!

Went thrifting again! Found these lovelies at a cute store in Portage, IN! The problem I have with my crafts and things I find is that I enjoy them so much I don't want to get rid of them! SIGH!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flashback Friday!

Tissue up and find a comfy spot in your favorite place with someone special and watch...

I loved this movie! Oh my gosh! After hearing so many things I had to watch!
Have fun!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

5 days until Independence Day!

We are coming up to our 2 year anniversary since we left our Abuser. What bothers me is that my girls will not be free of him until they are 18 years old, in the eyes of the judicial system. I am writing this here because of a post I had seen on another blog about secrets. Those that know me have heard our story about my Soon To Be Ex (STBX) and some of our ordeals with Family Abuse. I am going to add some new blogs soon on my other blog http://www.hopewhentherewasnone.blogspot.com/.

As a reminder Abuse is not love, love does not hurt! If you know someone that is being victimized whether it is mental, sexually or physically please let them know they are not alone. They are worthy of starting over and beginning again. No the road is not easy, it is hard, but, it is a much better path then staying to be continually abused. Abuse happens to women, old, young, White, Mexican, Black, Jewish, Christian... My point is anyone is a victim. You are not alone!

Feel free to email me privately if you are being abused. I will be happy to talk, I do not share information. I am a ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. Nothing surprises me or repulses me. Break the silence!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vintage distractions!

Later this evening I worked on a few projects I had been meaning to attack, such as:

A T-shirt necklace and bracelet
Tree of Life pendants
Terry looked at me funny with all these projects and kind of shook his head reminding me he was a guy. He was happy I was thrilled to be working on something that made me happy. It doesn't take much! GIGGLE!

Yestreday to take my mind off of the interview Terry and I headed on a jaunt to Hammond Salvage,www.hammondsalvage.com, one of our favorite haunts! Neat boxes full of good junk to look through, anything from nuts, bolts, baskets, old pictures, yarn, beds, you name it they probably have it.

I picked up a few things! This adorable lamb was OHHHHH TOO CUTE! Great in a nursery!

Wonderful vintage Mother Goose book
This book was so sweet and hiding under a pile of lace on the bottom shelf at Hammond Salvage!
Great condition!
This mini Chinese checkers was just too neat to pass up! All the little pegs are there! The bridesmaid doll just spoke to me and I figure she needs a new home...

I plan on adding them to my etsy account soon, honest! I have a habit of wanting to keep all these neat treasures for myself! Can't help that I love what I find! TEEHEE!

ACK! I missed Flashback Friday!

Shame on me! Well! I was actually in a glow from hearing I had an interview for Friday night that I did not watch any movies. Sorry! It has been about 7 months since I had a job. Nothing new I'm afraid in these economic times jobs can be scarce and limited depending on what type of position you are seeking. Terry has been out of work for 2 years in May! He is a IT helpdesk guy.

I'm rambling! We did watch The Social Network. Not bad but a little disappointing. Anyway stayed tuned next week for Flashback Friday to return! I promise!

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More lovely Vintage finds!

Oh gosh! 2 days in a row we have went out and about looking for a few treasures and I have came home with a few small bags with goodies in them! BIG CHEESY GRIN!

In between looking for jobs, Mr. Terry and I have been looking at lovelies here and there. A past time we both really enjoy!

We checked out a Antique shop in Hobart,Bibles for Missions resale shop in Highland and hit a church resale store in Crown Point!

I found all kinds of smalls'!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A year of first's!

I had saw another post on another blog and for a bit I have been thinking about my little one and the girls with experiencing life and all of it's glory.


What do I mean? Kalven is just starting to have first experiences with snow, holidays cutting teeth and so on! The girls are starting to come out of their shells!

She had her first shaving experience when she was 10. I tried to tell her it was a task that can be a pain in the butt. But peer pressure of course and she wanted to try. So I armed her with a new razor, shaving cream and lotion. I told and showed her how. So away I went for her to start her new grown up girl thing. It took her about an hour to shave one leg. She came out of the shower cold and with patchy hair legs from the spots she missed. I didn't laugh but tried to reassure her it would get easier with practice. After a week of itchy legs from it growing back she decided it was for the birds. Yea!

Jess had put on a little makeup this weekend. She will be 13 next month, the choice to do so was because I remember my first make up experience. Hiding my makeup so my mom wouldn't find out. I was 13 once too as strange as that is for my kids to know I was once a kid.

After much trial and error Jess decided make up can wait for a bit, it's too hard to put on, she keeps blinking when she puts anything on her eyes. I am happy she is waiting.

Jess had her "first" boy to ask her out. She told us and asked what to do. We asked her what does she think she should tell this young man. She said she wanted to tell him no because she didn't want to date yet. Yea! I don't want her to date anyone for a long time after 16. The next day she said she told him she liked him but wanted to be friends and if he wanted to hang out with her and friends (in a group) that would be fine and that they were too young to date. I am proud of her!

I had my chance at "First's" in school but some of them I blew off or I was not confident enough. I hate to say I want to live through my children, but I want them to understand that many times there are no re-do's with life. Definately not school- unless your held back I suppose...

Anyway, there will be a first hug, kiss, dance, flower from a admirer, and so on...

I might have missed out on my first's when I was younger but after I met Terry he told me about a Bucket List and I happily jotted down a long list of things I would like to do before I kicked the bucket (God willing that is a long time away).

A first's for me-
I learned to play chess (I am still learning! Terry and the girls whip my butt!)

I went in a boat!

I paddled a kayak!

I finished a beer and have tried about over 10 different one's in the time Terry and I have been together. Not all the time every once in a while.)

I blogged without having to worry about editing my posts- A first for me in 20 years!

I finished school! Medical Assistant! Now if I can only find a job!

My list goes on and on.

I am not done with my "Grown up First's", I intend to do more! I tell the girls they are capable of doing anything they set their minds to! They can do and be anything they want to! Take this life you have and do something great! Anyone can do this! It's your life what do you want to do? Create the life you want to live and live life as though it's your last day. Love the life you are in, it's all you got!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Forgot to add the BLING!

Thought I had all my pics! Lord please bless me with a real camera! My pictures are fuzzy and very unprofessional looking. Here is a few bling pics and some awesome orange glassware!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Vintage and new fab finds!

This little guy spoke to me! Oh not seriously, but have you ever saw something that just grabbed your attention for some reason? I haven't picked out a name for my new sidekick yet, rest assured you will be seeing him here and there in my photos or maybe even hitching a ride with us on an outing! GIGGLE!
Terry and I have been feeling better since we got that pesky cold about a week or so ago. So off we went Antiquing in LaPorte, IN! We went on a Thursday so sadly a few of the shops were closed, but we were able to hit our 2 fav's, Timeless Treasures and a wonderful 3 floor mall the name escapes me right now! We checked in just about every nook and crany but no matter how well you think you look there is always something different and new around every corner!

 I would feel like a Queen eating at this dining table!

Some little guy is not happy about being in his stroller!


I can't wait to alter these! I have several ideas in mind for them! This is just a small bit of what things came home with us! Terry had gotten this awesome old lock after much of me yakking about how he never gets anything while we are out. I didn't want to feel totally bad! Many of these will either make it to etsy or eBay I haven't decided yet...

Joanne Fabrics is a wonderland of goodness!
I can't wait to dig into these treasures
and start making something wonderful!

Flashback Friday is here!

Now for Flashback Friday's pick of the week is... Grab some munchies, prop up those feet or kick off your shoes and dance a long with Footloose!

I was 14 when this came out! Who could forget Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer's performance as meddling kids that dance! I loved this movie and had the sound track. Of course I didn't know what "Dancing in the sheets" was then! I assumed it was getting all wound up in somebodies laundry they had hanging up outside! Yes, I am still pretty gullible!

Need a Hero? How about just some good old fun remembering this classic!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Casual weekends

It's been pretty laid back around here. For one we had the snow and second we all have had a nasty cold that left me and Terry exhausted and drained! The baby is the last to have this and he is a trooper but you can tell he was not the same cheery little guy he normally is.

Kalven at his Command Center! LOL! We found this at the thrift store! My older kids had one like this when they were little and it's neat to see how much more interesting they are now.

 My favorite guy!

Jess in her own little world!
Alex is still in her jammies at this time of 2:00!
It was a good day and today being Superbowl Sunday is pretty laidback and fun too!

Repurposed crayons and outgrown overall's!

I hate throwing out stuff and if I can recycle, upcycle, repurpose, etc... These crayons have been staring me in the face for a few months, I have seen crayon projects of melting and putting in a muffin tin for awhile and I wanted something different of course now my juices are flowing and I intend to do alot more of these in a variety of shapes.
I was trying to find a empty can to do my melting in and Terry suggested using foil. I tried this for this project but do not recommend doing so in the future! Use a empty can, double boiler method if trying this! Also leave the widow open as this does get the house stinky!

I made bags out of the baby's outgrown overall's! I was debating whether to cut off the pants and in the end I kept them! On this pair I simply sewed the legs together. Careful of the snaps. I lost one needle on my machine due to the snap. GRRRFACE!
 On this pair I actually found some cute smiley fabric and sewed it to the opening between the legs! This came out adorable! Love them!
A different view. I had fun making these but at the same time I was a tad sad due to my little guy getting so dang big and so fast!