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Thursday, August 11, 2011


SURPRISE! No not me! Still working on the divorce, but while working on researching filing Motions to submit. I became enamoured with the thought of a wedding. Yup, me, the one who said a few months ago, not doing it again, no way, no how!

I admit I started thinking about if I did do it again, what do I want? Beach wedding? What kind of dress? Vintage dress? Off the rack at a thrift store dress? Flapper style or some sort of knee length off white eyelet flowy type of dress...

In the name of research of course I have found so many wonderful and cute ideas! Rockabilly, vintage, candy themes, bright colors, soft colors, small, big, do-it yourself and more! Here's a few of my favorite pic's.
Of course I love the Do-it-yourself ideas. Especially this old jewelry bouquets, since old jewelry is my secret passion!

Check out in random order:

And these are just a few! Oh my goodness, I am just drooling and daydreaming, SIGH! So what was or is your dream wedding? Whether it's first time or remarriage?

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