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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Paper dolls, toys and growing up!

I have a fondness for paper dolls, I discovered them as a child and rediscovered them years ago. I had found them in the inserts of ME (Mary Engelbreit) magazine. For some reason not all paper dolls speak to me! Go figure, it seems like I will never grow up! GIGGLE!

I find old toys at antique stores, garage sales and thrift stores and they take me back to when I was a child, playing tea party on a back porch on the Southside of Chicago or playing Barbies with a girlfriend on her front porch or playing Trivial Pursuit for the very first time at a overnighter with my friend and her sister at 5 in the morning as we did not sleep the whole night!

As time has went by I can not help but relive and remember. Playing with chalk, hopscotch, chinese jump rope, Ghosts in the Graveyard, Kick the can, Red Rover, Tag, Freeze tag or 1-2-3 Red light! Those seem like simple times now as I look back. I had to come in when the street lights went on. And was allowed to go out a handful of times during the week or weekend only.

There was no video games at one point and time. No hours on the computer, of course telling my kids about these things makes me sound like a dinosaur! There was no cell phone, something I came to hate when I was with my STBX (Soon to be Ex), but that is a different story.

In some small ways I miss the simple times. I miss them for my children. I would love for them to play like I did, but finding other kids that will do the same is hard to find. My girls are kind of shy and making new friends has been hard. The one's they have found seem like nice kids, but it is like pulling teeth to get my girls interested in having anyone over, again that is in a small part due to the baggage we have from my STBX.
Oh I don't mean to be a gloomy gus, not my intentions!

But I do say I do love toys! Now not the new fangled toys that beep or you have to have a dictonary sized manual to learn how to play the stinkin' game. Just games that keep the mind busy or do not take too much to do!

So now I am on the hunt for more paper dolls and some old toys. Of course our place now is small so I can not get too carried away! GIGGLE!

Have you played today? Just colored or just played a game that was simple or fun lately? What are you waiting for?

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