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Monday, March 28, 2011

Look what I made and things you never wanted to know about me...

My sister came over last Friday and we had a wonderful craft day! I kidded her about how many projects I finished compared to hers but I'll share a secret... I LOVE HERS! I should have took pictures! She made a beautiful pink and silver bracelet with silver bells! I was so jealous! I like beading but I have no patience at all.  I threw together a cupcake stand, about 12 pins from stickers I spotted at Walgreens some time ago, a coffee filter pin, a pin from a crocheted flower (not crocheted by me I have to learn how to do that! You tube here I come!) and I blinged up a vintage card that I had gotten ages ago. We had fun and hope to do it again maybe this Friday again! I love's me some glitter! YEA!

I also did exercise last week and boy was I sore. I have Yoga, booty, ballet, Turbo Jam and I found a Billy Banks Jr. Fitness show On-demand (FREEEE!!!). I couldn't even laugh without my abs hurting on Friday! So I took a day off, ate like there was no tomorrow and started again this week with P90X.

Oh my gosh I hate Crunchy Frogs, Push-ups and Pull-ups. I think Tony Horton is horrible! (Just kidding!I like him bunches!) I have bad wrists (injury from STBX over time and a car accident) I will be looking for modifications for the exercises. So I'm hoping to lose about 10 lbs realistically. Right now I am at 178 and 5'5. I like to believe I carry it well, oh and I am in a perpetual suck in with my tummy!

TMI: I loathe Tummy shapers (Gridles!) They end up showing my rolls on my back and my thighs. So I have a tendency to wear alot of long shirts and jeans. Oh boy more then you wanted to know right? Sorry for running off on a tangent! I'll get back to the subject of what I made with pictures! Have a great day!

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