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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No glitter or glue for me today!

I started my P90X and exercise journey one week today! I decided I really hate my abs! I did like today's workout of Shoulders and Arms though! I think I can! I think I can!  Ok that picture to the right is not me! I'm just hoping to lose 10 lbs! Wishful thinking of the above! Lots of work to get that buff. I know I have a 6 pack hiding under my 12 pack! Really! GIGGLE!

I am reminding myself of the Little black dress I promised myself for
Terry's nieces wedding in June. 

Seriously though...I have been so dogged tired and achy that I don't have strength to get my craft boxes down from the closet, LOL! I have things I thought about doing but have put them off for lack of sleep and being achy. My sister is coming by tomorrow to take me to the County building (long story see recap on my other blog) and maybe we can do a little glitter and glue! Oh I'll have to see if she can wear her anklet to take a picture of!

I promised my neighbor that I would make Broccoli Cheese soup for their lunch so I'm off to cook! I do have the recipe posted in an earlier blog...

Wish my luck on Day 4 of P90X and that I actually am able to move by tomorrow. HAHAHA!
Just us goofing around, I picked up a new camera, no bells or whistle's or fancy. Just alot more upgraded then my other camera. I'm pretty excited to use it! I was recalling my first camera, when I was 12 or so years old, was a 110 and gosh I took pictures of everything under the sun!

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