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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Look what I made!

I feel Spring in the air! The birds are chirping and it smells like SPRING! Now I have the work out bug, let's see how far I get with that. Today I thought, "Self, let's exercise!" Now, I am talking myself out of it, but I know as I am getting older gravity has definately reared it's ugly head and checking out certain parts in the mirror today have made me definately grossed out. SO! I had a salad this morning, LOL! I sprinkled in some faux crab and had a side of Cottage cheese. I am very random and untraditional when it comes to breakfast, much to Terry's chagrin, he is more of a eggs and toast or cereal man. Anway, so off to work out... Maybe... I do hear my glue gun calling me to play!

Rolled roses!

Ready for a Bib!

Oh so cute earrings!


Old drawer and I used odds and ends from my vintage sewing stash!

A pin cushion that looks good enuogh to eat!

Found one adorable rolling baby under the chair, LOL!

His new friend!

I knew Alex would play with this!

Jess and Maggie! Maggie has the bling on...LOL!

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