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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lazy me!

Well not lazy per say, just lacking inspiration for a long time! I found bits and pieces of motivation here and there. Dug out my glue gun, some E6000, flowers, jeweldazzlery,plus a spark of imagination!

I found an oh so cute Anthro knock off months ago that I have been dying to make. I couldn't find any cotton rope but I found silkish. Definately going to look for cotton. The satin is shows the thread and separates alot easier. But I still have enough to make a few more items. Thinking about matching earrings and a bracelet! With that said here is the necklace!

It's still a work in progress! I ran out of jump rings and couldn't find the Gorilla Glue, GGGRRRFACE!
It came out well enough! A few more projects and oh darn it, open house at the elementary school. Then back to work!

Check out Tatertots and Jello neato tutorial and other projects!

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