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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ohio Antique shops

Back from Ohio! Had a bunch of fun checking out antique shops and sightseeing  spots. And of course a lovely time seeing my favorite guy! Of course missing the heck out of him right now.

On his days off we were able to stop off at quite a few interesting places that sold a vast array of collectibles and antique items! Many of the homes in the area of Dublin/Columbus are breathtaking, quaint and have old world charm.

The Powell businesses were all very lovely, friendly and worth a trip back to see!

Powell Liberty Antique Mall had the most interesting older pieces of off beat finds. Some kind of creepy and others too cute.

Blackberry Patch featured a phenomenal amount of eye candy I have seen in a antique shop! The assortment of shiny things took my breath away!

Paris Flea Market had me drooling over the fabulous sea side displays and they had me longing for a home of my own to put these lovely treasures in! Very chic and upscale items that were at reasonable prices and oh so charming! http://aparisfleamarket.blogspot.com/

Westerville had a few neato antique shops and one really cool, this town was a great stumble!
I was really taken with A Gal named Cindy Lou! The awesome 50's, 60's and 70's throw back's took me back to a time when things were simple and so laid back. Loved this family owned business! Would love to go back! http://www.cindalou.org/A_Gal_Named_Cinda_Lou/Welcome.html

There was also...

The Greater Columbus Antique Mall! Oh my gosh! 5 floors of glory! Rich with a interesting history of highly interesting and cool antique treasures. Our feet hurt and we definately had a full morning of checking out nifty finds from way back! The history of the mall is also very neato and spooky! Loved this!

And of course we stopped at several other spots along the way, here or there and throughly enjoyed spying wonderful items from yesteryear...

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