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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Marry me!

Ok, I have wedding on the brain! I can't help but be fascinated with entertaining the thought of a wedding. GIGGLE! Even if it doesn't happen again with me down the road. (I don't want to go to jail for bigamy, of course I don't know why that strikes me as funny right now.)

In the grand scheme of things if you are reading my other blog,(www.hopewhentherewasnone.blogspot.com) it talks about my other side that is most serious. Here on this blog I can be silly, relaxed and let my hair down. Forgetting about anything scary or rough right now. I feel that I am drained physically and mentally right now. Not wanting to be a hysterical or overly emotional woman right now, and trying to get my mind, thoughts and prayers focused on positive or fun things. So bear with me a bit and allow me to indulge in a fun fantasy for a bit!

I found the most lovely and fun wedding things! From paper dresses, tulle bouquets, homestyle weddings (my fav!)! So in no particular order here are a few blogs and sites for your viewing pleasure!


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