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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Guest post: Someone I think you should know... My Family

Before I go any further in my Guest post series I have to share these amazing people, who at some time in my life stood by me, lifted me when I was down and loves me unconditionally.
These people are my tribe…

My Mom had rough spots throughout her life, especially when she was 17 years old. She became an unwed pregnant Mother. She gave birth to a Girl who decided it she was going to come out with both feet running. Yes, that was me!

She had struggled as a single parent, while juggling some schooling and work. She supported me with the help of her Mother, Father and siblings. She would meet a man when I was about 2 years old that swept her off her feet.

This started a cycle of heartache for my Mother and later abuse. She was finally able to free herself as well as my Sister and I. All the while I don’t believe I ever heard her complain. There were many times I saw her cry silently but she would still shoot us a smile that would make the brightest sun’s rays seem dim. She remains the most important person I admire for her strength and courage.

My now Stepfather came into the picture. We were so used to chaos that a normal life seemed weird. Not any yelling, no one beating her or me. Just normal, this of course was weird for me, especially being uprooted from my friends and moved to a new area, I grew defiant. My Stepfather handled me the best way he knew how. He talked to me. Many moons later he became not just a Stepfather but Dad.

After some rough years, bad choices on my part and later my own abuse story unfolding my family watched from a far, helpless and discouraged. My family down the road would become an amazing team helping with my now ex-husband. Call me Master: My story of escaping my abuser

They showed me love that was greater than I ever could imagine besides the Lord’s love for me. 

Now my younger Sisters Amanda and Ashley are powerhouses all their own! They are feisty and courageous from their personal inspiring stories of things they have been through. I have gotten permission to share more about that in future posts!

This tribe grew more in strength as my extended family, including Amanda's Husband, Kevin whom filled in as a male figure when my kids needed that support. Many others in my family graciously (My Cousin, Debbie) offered help however needed during a very turbulent time of leaving. 

Not too soon after Terry (a.k.a. Mr. Awesome) came into the picture filling me with confidence, love and for the first time in a long time safety!
He filled a spot in my life that I was sure was devoid ever letting myself love again not only this I felt broken after years of conditioning. And,  I certainly hadn’t thought to find someone so soon after leaving my abuser. Terry has been my backbone when I couldn’t find mine. He stuck around even after I warned him of my baggage (Later I coined my Springer Saga).

My Girls, Jessica and Alex are wondrous to me. After all they went through I am not surprised at what a bumpy road they are having. They have battles of their own from depression, suicide to PTSD, Postpartum (My oldest Daughter, Jessica) and more. Yet there is a fire that keeps them going.

I do know a lot is impart to the strong tribe they have around them that hasn’t given up on us.

You may be thinking, "Big deal you have family to support you, so?!"

After talking with many people I have discovered my supportive family is not common anymore. Some are on the outs with members of their family for various reasons and they don’t have this magic I have been blessed with. 

Without this tribe I don't know where I would be right now, thank you! I love you!

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