Whose that crazy Chicken Lady?


Sunday, January 22, 2017

What the heck have we been doing?

We lost a few loved ones in 2015. We lost chickens, ducks, guineas, our bees over the past few years from predators, Mr. Awesome, sickness, giving to friends or selling at auction.

We didn't go away on our great School bus tour (Did I mention this previously?) We are still renovating the bus but...

I found myself bedridden towards the end of 2015. After brief battery of tests and tears I found out that I have Lyme Disease! I walked with a cane for a few months but after a IV Antibiotic for 10 days and several courses of Antibiotics for the past year I am better. I did have to quit my job in 2015 but had to go back to work in the Summer of 2016 after our nest egg went down to non-existent. SADFACE!

I'm still not 100% with my health but am working on it!

I found a part time job working for a hotel. The hours are great but I still have a nagging in the pit of my tummy telling me I'm not doing what I need to so my heart sings.

I am struggling to figure what that is since I... Look there's a chicken!

Just kidding! I am passionate about so many dang things that I'm not sure where to go. I wanted to get my business idea- Legacy Antiques & Estate Sales off the ground but am not sure if I am really physically up to doing it.

I still do flea markets, had a Hoard sale in November, started a FB page for my business. Love healing/energy work (Reflexology)! Haven't done any Doula work though I did see the birth of my 1st Grandbaby! My middle Daughter had a beautiful Girl! A month later Mr. Awesome's Daughter welcomed our 2nd Grandbaby, a Boy!

I know right?!

In March of 2016 we also bought our FOREVER HOME! We are so excited! We love it!

This year we plan to put Permaculture plans into work. I created a Youtube channel, Instagram account and will be having some Guest posts from small business owners that inspire me. I'm not sure how often I will do this. I was kicking around doing so Weekly or every other week.

These will include businesses that are related to beauty, health, restaurant, photographers, antique dealers and more! I'm super excited! If you are interested in a Guest post to plug your business drop me an email or snail mail. I'd love to work with you!

Can you tell I'm ready to kick 2017 in the butt?

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