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Friday, April 22, 2011

No posts! Happy Easter!

Oh! I'm slacking, well not really! Honest! I have been in such a funk lately! I plan on picking up my glue gun and glitter usually makes me smile, but not right now. Depression? Just feeling under the weather? Gray skies maybe?

I have been busy here and there, even on the inside I feel like tossing the covers over my head and staying put for days. Not like me. I'm just not myself...

In the mean time I created humbledheartcreation.blogspot.com and littlecriesandlullabies.blogspot.com in addition to this blog and my hopewhentherewasnone.blogspot.com. WHEW! Now keeping all these up will be something! I decided not to sweat getting to them everyday or weekly. When I started I was psyched and I was receiving emails that were encouraging as well as making me feel slightly pressured to make something everyday or weekly.  The spark was dimming... And Etsy! I opened my shop on Etsy! I did have some sales but I have a bunch to post, I need to get busy doing that...

I need to be me, create when I want to and what I want to. I'm up for a challenge but don't want to feel the crunch of a deadline to get into some blogs hop or made it or copy this. I have a house to clean, a 7 month old (who still doesn't sleep through the night), job searching, a few interviews sprinkled in, reading up on Divorce law/Domestic Abuse topics for court, making dinner, lunch and all that other happy nonesense that comes with being a Mom.

I run around looking from time to time for my Secret Pal gifts (church/monthly), then I recently volunteered to put together some type of craft for Mother Daughter banquest soon. OH! Did I forget I have to make food for that? YIKES! Thank goodness I have another week! I have the Fairhaven Walk for Domestic Violence prevention on the following Saturday and now that Terry is back to work, I may need to find a lift for the event.

If I do get a job can I find a sitter? SIGH!  I still don't have a car to get around.Can I make these 2 new businesses work for me instead? I know that is a yes, I just have to get out there. Which leads me to me doubting myself. Which makes me procrastinate more... I did order business cards for my Doula business so I'm making tiny baby steps (No pun).

I guess I'm feeling overwhelmed! My P90X workouts, even though once a day for an hour seems too long. I haven't been eating as I should. I'm looking for a bigger place for us, the girls want they're own rooms, but it has to be far enough (within 100 miles) from STBX. I'm happy we haven't heard from him.

Gosh I feel like I'm whining!  We have our health, we have food in the fridge, we have a roof over our heads, we have one another to lean on and we have all that we need is provided. God has been good, I have worries and I should embrace them. I should feel that I have so many needs already met that I take foregranted and I should feel faith that it will get better. I need to look ahead and stop looking down or behind me...

Lord give me strength and maybe some cheese with my whine...

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