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Friday, April 8, 2011

I swear I have Adult ADD!

I do not mean any disrespect for anyone that has ADD at all, but I am certain I have it. I do not seem to keep my focus, seem to go from one thing to another easily and loose interest quickly. Like my massive amount of ever growing projects I decided to tackle, or the books I have started and have not finished! *Update! I now realize it's not ADD it is most definitely Lyme Disease! Here I am years later. I was diagnosed in 2015. I have been infected with these cooties for 10+ years. It's made my Thyroid wonky (thank you for the weight gain), destroying my Adrenals, causing brain fog, giving me Fibro symptoms, Migraines and more! If you would like to know about this disease drop me a line.*

I'm currently reading a book from my Secret Pal (Church)- Golden Thoughts of Mother, Home & Heaven by Gene Fedele. It is filled with many inpiring stories!

Powerful Promises for Every Woman- Elizabeth George

Power of a Praying Woman- Stormie Omartian

Overcoming Negative Emotions- Annie Chapman

Sacred Sex- Tim Alan Gardner (nothing gross or x-rated) It is about oneness between couple's

The Deep Winter Series- By Thomas Sherry- I am in Book 2 It is about survival of a family during a earthquake, the demise of the the US currency and breakdown of society as they know it. Can I say WOW! Enough about this one!

And of course- MY KJV BIBLE!

I pick these up here or there and put them down. I used to read like a madman earlier, devouring 3 to 5 books a week in some instances. Now I have been lax or "busy" that I haven't had a good read day. I do miss that! I thought when I was done with school I would get more time to read. Of course I need to manage my time alot better! I am a blog-a-ohlic and surf for hours from time to time losing track of time. And in between I am now chasing after little one, exercising, picking up the house and doing domestic stuff.

So for today's 5 goals-
I will-
1) Call Robyn (I didn't yestreday)
2) Call about place
3) Watch videos
4) Exercise
5) Read something for a bit!

I know the destination is always easier then the journey
I am worthy of love and respect
I trust my intuition
I am on the right path at the right time
I have the power to change my destiny
I am doing what is right not necessarily easy
I am strong
I am filled with a positive spirit
I have God around me to show me signs and wonder daily
I have the power to choose the course of my life
I find happiness and joy everyday
I am a money magnet! Finding money where I go!
I will forge ahead and look back as little as possible
I am making meaningful relationships with honest and loving people
All I need is provided

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